Big Pharma is all about people staying sick
The sicker people are the more money they make

The government is all about power and control
The sicker and more suppressed people are the easier they are to control

The FDA and CDC are filled with former Pharmaceutical employees
The stamp of approval of Pharmaceutical vaccines is done by people with close ties to Big Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is poisoning us with their toxic chemicals that is now in our water food and air
So why would you trust them with vaccines

Americans place their trust in people who regularly ride the Lolita Express
Which is the private plane to Epstein Island
Where young kids are sacrificed
But not before being sodomized

They have now a Smart City agenda
That will make people unable to travel outside of a small diameter of where they live

How powerful we are is being kept from us
So that our energy can be harvested

Do not go to pill pushing doctors
Who have graduated from the pharmaceutical controlled curriculums at Med Schools

Drink clean energized water
Eat raw local fresh organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible

Vibrational sound therapies are effective
Because we are vibrational bio electric energy beings

The right energy vibration will render inert
The nano particles hidden in processed food
Dropped down in chemtrails
And injected into the bloodstream under the guise of a vaccine!