The universe is an electrical system on a grand scale
It is a plasma cell that transfers data to the outside
Through the vehicle of individual consciousness

As pressure builds the choke ring will turn off
And the pressure will be released up the world vortex at the north pole

As the voltage and current increase
The force lines pull open the flip ring

The artificial electric field which replaced the natural vapor canopy above our realm is magnetically dissolved
The confinement system here on crater earth is opened

Plasma light spirals around the central axis
Expanding and contracting which creates an oscillation effect

The atmosphere is pulled into the low pressure funnel zone of the vortex
Creating tornado like winds

Our world undergoes a swap of polarity
And the waves of suppression lose their power

The electrified ice canopy melts
And even more water is created as the frozen solid oxygen of the primer field which is the outer dome
Gets released and combines with atmospheric hydrogen

Oceans enter the vapor phase and huge cloud systems will form especially near the coasts
Visibility is lost as ocean water gets dropped off on land
Inner seas are formed

Air becomes full of electricity as conductive salts ground plasma throughout the world
And there is an abundance of purple lightning flashes and purple rain
Volcanoes everywhere will erupt

The sky turns red
And the northern lights become a cloud by day and a fire by night

The epicenter of electrical attraction will be the metallic structures of our cities
There will be a reshaping of continental land masses
Due to underground changes of magnetism

Mountains will rise and fall
Incursions of magma develop sinkholes

As the earth absorbs the plasma energy
Underground water rises up creating a liquid mush of mud
Burying entire towns and partially burying others

Positively charged people will get DNA activation and super powers
Others will experience the Rapture and will be at the mercy of the elements

Some of our deepest subconscious fears and trauma
Stem from previous apocalyptic events
And are triggered by occultic symbols

If you run from trauma you do not resolve it

Go inward and raise your vibrations
And project for yourself a positive reality!