The moment you take an action through fear
You tune into a lower frequency timeline

If you crystalize that vibration
It will become a negative reality for you

If your actions are through the heart
You will stay in the positive
And you will have everything you need

Give yourself permission to go to a higher level

Project in the now a positive reality for your next hologram
And you will not have to wait
Specific details will manifest in the correct time

You will experience positive or negative
According to what you vibrate

Think of your interactions with others
As viewing different versions of yourself

Stay in the positive when someone says something negative to you
Transform the negative with positive

Imagine the quantum field
Imagine yourself interacting with it and printing information in it
In the quantum structure you can manifest anything you want

Embrace the spiritual world
The heart structure is the quickest manifestation
For the expansion of your now

Communicate with yourself and with specific parts of yourself
Make commands of total healing
Your body might communicate back that you need to be on a certain diet
Or manifestation will act out in synchronicity

Observe what appears in your hologram
Repeating numbers have a pattern of vibration
And a unique spiritual significance

Notice also colors
Each color has its own frequency octave
Telling you where you are at in the quantum field

Consider what people say to you
There is a meaning behind everything
Because people respond to your energy

Marvel at your existence!