In the Great Erg or Sea of Sand
In a most inhospitable region
At the border of Western Egypt and Eastern Libya

Is found a very pure silicon glass
Called Libyan desert glass or Libyan gold tektites
It comes in either a transparent yellow or gold color

It is said to have been formed by the impact of a meteor crash hundreds of millions of years ago
But as always there is no evidence of a meteor
And it is just a cover story for the real one which is being kept hidden

The Sahara Desert was in very recent times
A well watered ecosystem teeming with abundant fauna and flora

In the earliest time of human experience on the earth plane
We were highly advanced with superhuman abilities

We created crystal cities of remarkable design
Where colors and designs danced with human thought
And all life was valued

The buildings were filled with energy enhancing properties
Arranged in harmonic geometric shapes

Healing crystal water flowed everywhere
And you were one with the cosmos

It was a magical world in harmony with all others beings
Where you lived a life full of synchronicities
And experienced your true soul

Libyan desert glass is the remains of a crystal city
Which existed in paradise like conditions
Where what now is an inhospitable desert

Libyan gold has high vibrational crystal energy and metaphysical properties
It will connect you to higher vibrational realms and otherworldly beings

It will aid in ascension and reconnect you to ancient knowledge
And will stimulate clairsentience

Libyan desert glass was in the necklace of King Tutankhamen
The scarab beetle on the necklace was an amazing perfectly carved piece of Libyan glass

It is also a powerful manifestation tool
And will enhance spiritual healing

It vibrates with the golden ray
It is highly protective and will shield you from others trying to steal your energy

Libyan desert glass is a very pure silicon dioxide
Some contain iridium

Get your own piece of this remarkable ancient technology
And you will feel otherworldly!