Humanity has handed over their power subconsciously
Because the subconscious has been programmed

Through the thought prisons of
The media
Educational institutions
And religion

High definition TV
Brings you into a higher hypnotic state
Because the flicker rate meets with the alpha state brain patterns

And a TV program
Programs your mind

Music gets your subconscious mind into a receiving state
That is why there is music before a sermon

And we sing popular songs written in witch language

When you idolize a performer or actor
You become spiritually yoked with them
Inheriting their mental and emotional drawbacks

People keep six feet away and wear masks without question
A microscopic virus could penetrate any mask
As indicated when you are able to smell through the mask

And by keeping us separated we lose our unity and thus our connectedness
6 feet away is a idiom for 6 feet under

Each spoke in the Illuminati Wheel is 6 feet apart
Each ray of their pentagram star is 6 feet apart
And during their ceremonies they keep 6 feet apart
To invoke chaos magic

The media is positioning Trump as a powerful leader
Who got defrauded of a second term by a faulty election

And Biden is being portrayed as weak and unbalanced

But Trump is just a chipped android
And Biden a possessed clone

There will be a push to put Trump back in office
Resulting in anarchy and Civil war

UN peacekeepers will be deployed
California will succeed
And so will Texas with neighboring states
Forming the Republic of Texas

This will occur during a harsh lockdown
From a fake third wave of the corona virus

All of which has been planned years in advance!