Everything is created from consciousness
Which is a wave of vibration

Consciousness projects sound and light
Every thought is a frequency with a geometry and a magnetic field
You manifest when you hold your thoughts

The incoming plasma is a charging periodic sinusoidal oscillating wave
Plasma amplifies your charge whether it is positive or negative
We live in a world of polarity

All our heroes are counterfeit

Clones are created by taking an unfertilized ovulating egg
Destroying all the genes and chromosomes with ultraviolet light
Then implanting the nucleus of a donor cell

You get a walking talking duplicate with all of the persons memory
Alien genes can also be implanted
Reptilian humans are abundant

An organic robotoid is synthetic and can do everything a human can do
Except they think like a computer and their brain is programmed

A robotoid can also be possessed by an entity
Mark Zuckerburg said he was once human

Monstrous experiments are being done in deep underground military bases called DUMBS
Where humans and animals are kept in cages

The rich and famous appear as normal humans when they are not

Ringo Starr said Paul McCartney died in an automobile accident
It took place on 11 9 1966 which is a Masonic number

Paul was in a new red sports car
Red in Illuminati circles means sold out to the light of Lucifer
A new car symbolizes a new biosynthetic body

The album cover of Abbey Road depicted a funeral procession
John dressed in white was the clergyman
Ringo dressed in black was the undertaker
George dressed in jeans was the gravedigger
And Paul walking barefoot symbolized the corpse

The new Paul after 1966 was bigger and was left handed
He slept with his eyes open and was distant to the other band members

The lyrics to the song Once in a Lifetime by the Talking Heads are
You may find yourself in another part of the world
You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile

It refers to a clone waking up to a new life

Our world is run by psychopaths
Who hide their lizard faces behind masks

The highest elite are not human
The Beatles were all from elitist families

Cooper Anderson who is of the elite Vanderbilt family
Clearly has a new robotic body

The contemporary group Blackpink dresses in red in their video to their song Pink Venom
Underneath they have tiger stripes which signify a sex kitten

They take a bite of a black apple inside of which is pink
Symbolic of an adrenochrome altered consciousness

They flash the devil sign of silence and other Illuminati gestures
They show reptilian fingers

A monarch butterfly signifies a MK Ultra mind controlled slave
Otherwise known as a lamb
This is where the term Silence of the Lambs originates

The Illuminati secrets are out
And is coming to an end

Witchcraft is wearing off
And spells are not working

As our frequency is being raised!