Mighty Atlas whom on his shoulders
Turns the celestial sphere inset with gleaming stars

Hercules fetching the golden apples of the Hesperides
And Samson breaking the chains at the temple

Are all activities of Mars in the former era

The Hesperides were the goddesses of the garden of golden apples
They gave dainties to the dragon
Who guarded the sacred bows of the Tree of Life
That was sprinkled with dew and honey and slumbering poppies

The Hesperides were solitary nymphs and blessed spirits
Daughters of Oceanus who was Saturn
They were celestial orbs that sparkled and glimmered
As they electrically interacted with the magnetically charged polar column

The golden apples and slumbering poppies were plasmoids
And the dew and honey was plasma on the northern universal axis
The dragon was the electrical current intertwining up the plasma

Kali who wore 12 heads on her necklace
And had 10 arms holding swords arrows and fire
With wild disheveled hair and a Saturnian sun disk behind her head
Is Venus discharging at a high level of electromagnetic force

All myth is from the previous epoch
When the north polar column was infiltrated with plasma
That magnetically attracted the planets and their smaller orbs or moons

The 12 heads on Kali’s necklace are 12 nearby orbs
The same as the 12 disciples of Christ who was patterned after Mars

A scarlet starlet is occultic symbology for Venus or Kali
That will take you to the other side

A slider is a cloned celebrity that jumps and commits suicide
And goes to a parallel world

Many celebrities wear a red thread necklace
Which is symbolic of the circle of red around Kali

The 2 main chemtrail ingredients are Barium Ba and aluminum Al
Together they spell Baal

Baal is the same as Bel or Belus
The same as the Hebrew god El

El is the singular form of Elohim or Baalim which is the plural of Baal
Elohim or Baalim is the god of Genesis

Saturn is the singular
While the trinity of Saturn Venus and Mars is the plural!