The Golden Age

The sky was alive with plasma orbs which we call planets and moons and suns. As they hovered above they loomed large because of their close proximity. Situated in the North these gods interacted electrically and were personified with human traits as they suffered various fates. They were objects of both admiration and dread.
The God Saturn, the King of kings reigned. He was the great giver of abundance and resonated with a distinctly audible Ohm sound. Venus was the Spirit of god for she animated Saturn. Mars became the most revered God as he wandered up and down the Axis Mundi making many trips to the earth and then back to his heavenly kingdom.
Life flourished. War, disease and hunger was unknown.
The Axis Mundi was an electrical discharge of plasma. Also called the Stairway to Heaven or Ladder to the Gods. This stream of white light or Milky Way was a magnificent sight and whirled in a churning motion like a witch stirring her pot.
A heavenly Torus known as the Artic Circle hovered between the Earth plane and the Holy Trinity of Saturn, Venus and Mars. It created a perpetual ring of darkness in the northern regions. The simultaneous heat of Saturn and the cold from the atmosphere below the Torus made for the continual production of snow and the build-up of ice which looped around the northern hemisphere.
As the torus would frequently wander it would break up material into finely charged dust and lift it up where much of it would be electrically pulled to the torus zone producing even more darkness. The blocking of Saturn’s light produced cold temperatures in the torus region which enabled snow and ice to accumulate. This was the so called Ice Age.
Life abounded within this ring of ice. All kinds of fruit bearing trees, different types of palms and tropical plants flourished. Coral abounded in the waters of the farthest reaches of the north. Mammoths and Mastodons, rhinos and hippos, camels and horses, giant beavers and giant sloths, alligators and crocodiles, lions and tigers and bears were there all living in harmony. No need for predation as the good Earth provided for all.
Wooly Mammoths kept their wool because they remained close to the ice ring.
Humans lived hundreds of years on a fruitarian diet. Plant consumption came later.
We not only lived in harmony with our fellow earth beings but we could communicate with them at a much higher level.
Enormous pyramids and temples were constructed on ley lines which vibrated Earth’s energy. Huge statues and other edifices were hewn out of solid bedrock. Perfectly cut stones weighing sometimes over a thousand tons were transported over great distances and put into place with precision that defies explanation.
As the new sun emerged it interfered in the balance of power and this polar configuration gradually started to break-up. After a long era of shining it’s golden rays Saturn became weaker and started to drift away.
The Axis Mundi whirled around in great circles instantly asphyxiating the northern inhabitants. An extreme coldness also came on suddenly which quickly froze and buried even the largest mammals. This is the reason why great numbers of mammoths have been found in the northern lands buried in a melee of splintered trees, sediment and clay. All mixed with the bones of other animals in such a remarkable state of preservation that the grasses they were feeding are still in their mouths.

The Gilded Age

Saturn drifted off to the remote sky while Venus stayed around for hundreds of years in the form of a comet that would periodically harass Earth. In many languages the word for Venus and Comet is the same.
The new sun became the dominant orb in the sky. The Axis Mundi disintegrated. Charged particles from the sun rather than Saturn entered the North Pole which we now call the Aurora Borealis. One can now even descend down into the hole there but it is very windy. And the whole area is forbidden and not even acknowledged.
A power surge caused an overload of current disabling the pyramid energy complex. Power stations like Puma Punku in Bolivia had its diorite granite stones broken and even pulverized. Diorite is second only to diamonds in hardness.
The transition to the next age was extremely difficult. A great Reset occurred. Plasma storms snuffed out much life. Of the many humanoids that populated the Earth only a remnant remained.
Megalithic cities, pyramids and temples became abandoned or submerged.
During this transition of a new sun and a new sky a long cold period ensued.
Weather patterns emerged. Deserts appeared. The land did not produce in abundance as before.
Animals desperate for food adapted to the new environment by becoming predatory for survival. Humans also incorporated flesh into their diets.
Dwarf Mammoths continued to exist in isolated areas because they required less food.
Amid the desolation people everywhere exited their homeland. The fire by day and cloud by night was the great god Mars in close approximation to our world. People everywhere followed their god out of the Shadow of Death in search of a promised land.
As the atmospheric torus disintegrated and the ice ring melted great floods ensued. Glacial Lake Missoula in the Pacific Northwest being a prime example.
The Spokane Indians tell of a time when they lived up north near a vast lake with abundant animals. Then one day the land began shaking and huge waves formed on the water. Ash started raining and darkness prevailed for weeks. Animals fled in terror. Many of the people died. They left their homeland in search of food and their Creator god brought them to a new place.
The beginning of the reign of our present sun is the reason why the calendar began anew. But it was only a thousand years ago. The so called dark age in the first millennium is a complete manufacture.
Jesus was not born in the first year nor was he born on December 25. When he was exalted to god status after his death his birth was synchronized with the Roman festival of Saturnalia which celebrated the birth and reign of Saturn. This was done so that the Christian religion could be spread more easily.
Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations sprang up on the ruins of the older more advanced culture. The bas-reliefs on certain pyramids showing humans with elongated heads are not Amenhotep 1V with a deformity or any other pharaoh. They are depictions of the actual pyramid builders. Many skeletons with elongated heads have been found in Egypt, Peru and elsewhere.
Even though knowledge was carried over from the previous age the degree of advancement declined.
Gradually the Great Tartarian Empire rose with their unmatched architecture and technology. They built great cathedrals, palaces, mansions, aqueducts, bridges, canals, statues and other works of art. The cathedrals were not religious structures but power stations.
The Tartarians held vast lands in Russia, Asia, Europe and India and were the dominant power for hundreds of years having a worldwide network.
Electricity was commonly transmitted through the use of free energy devices. Archaic aerials and antiquated antennae are still seen on old buildings. They are also distinguished in vintage pictures and in illustrations going back many hundreds of years.
As in the Golden Age many tribal communities existed in the Gilded Age without the influence of technology.
The Greeks and Romans whose history has been pushed way back into historical obscurity were originally part of the Tartarian Empire
The Khazars who had recently converted to Judaism fled their homeland in Eastern Europe and assumed control of Egypt amidst the devastation that marked the new age. They confiscated the power mechanism from the Giza pyramid which became known as the Arc of the Covenant using it as a weapon as related in the book of Exodus. But they were not Semites from Palestine. Later they used religion and finance as a means to take over Greece and Rome.
Khazarian controlled countries and the Grand Tartarian Empire became bitter enemies.
Beginning in the 1600’s a series of cataclysms transpired which greatly reduced the power of the Tartars.
Comets wee a common sight. They brought desolation, pestilence and famine. A few of the dates where a comet was the harbinger of death and destruction were 1577, 1668, 1680, 1707, 1744, 1758 and 1811.
Illustrations of prodigious comets, sometimes more than one at a time, along with meteor showers and fireballs abound in the Middle Ages. There are even depictions of the earth opening up and swallowing people. Terrible natural phenomenon is a common theme.
These blasts of heavenly displeasure decimated populations.
Because of charge differential comets will interact electrically with the Earth. A high enough input of charge into a certain area will snuff out life. Animals have a higher degree of tolerance than humans.
The Carolina Bays are shallow circular depressions oriented in the same direction. They are located in many states and are proof of meteorite bombardment.
The Great Comet of 1811 produced another cold ice age. The accepted explanation of the cause is the eruption of the volcano Tambora on the island of Sumbava. But other equally powerful volcanoes have erupted in the northern hemisphere and have had little effect on weather.
Up to this time Russia had been an exporter of pineapples. Grapes were grown in the northern U.K. Iceland did not have any glaciers. Greenland was ice free. The comet shifted the diurnal movement of the sun so that it did not reach as far north as before.
Cities were also bombarded with flames of fire from above. The Moscow fire during Napoleon’s invasion of Moscow in 1812 illustrates this. Each side thought the other had started it. Since Napoleon was Jewish this really a war between Jewish power and the Tartarians.
France and England were used to expand Jewish power just like Rome was previously and the USA has been in modern times. America has been under Jewish control since it’s inception. Not only on the Federal level but on the state, county and city levels also.
Kepler, Copernicus and Galileo were agents to promote a spinning Earth ball belief in order to hide the fact that Antarctica actually surrounds us and holds vast amounts of undiscovered land.
As part of the cosmic invasion of comets and the resulting influx of high electrical charge a series of Mud Floods culminating in the 1850’s issued from the ground partially burying cities everywhere.
Cities became ghost towns. Populations were again decimated and in some places extinguished.
Another Reset occurred. No wonder comets were seen as signs of foreboding and heavenly displeasure.
Charged particles are attracted to the conductivity of metals in buildings. This is why urban areas offered no relief to the onslaught of heavenly displeasure from above.
Lichtenberg figures are lightning shaped depressions carved into the ground and are nothing more than giant electrical scars. They are seen all over. The Grand Canyon is one big Lichtenberg Figure. The rock formations in the Southwest USA are all electrically carved. Early explorers have documented towns and cities that existed before the 1700’s that have literally been wiped off the maps. One map has cities located where the Great Lakes are at now. The recentness of these events are evident.
Beginning in the 1840’s people were reintroduced back into these cities.
Climate change, famine, war and disease spelled the doom of the Tartarian empire. In the 1770’s when America was taken over their decline was evident and finally by the 1850’s the dominion of the Grand Tartarian Empire was a thing of the past. The victors began a campaign to erase the memory of their existence.

The New Age

Countries everywhere have ruins of the Golden Age/Atlantean Empire and the later Gilded Age/Tartarian Empire. Structures which modern technology cannot build.
The USA has the Parthenon in Nashville, the Niles Tower near Chicago, the Flat Iron Building and the 5th Avenue mansions in New York City, the now demolished mansions in the former Bunker Hill area of Los Angeles, the Erie Canal and even the Mississippi River Sternwheelers to name just a few. In fact these Tartarian relics are in just about every city but are explained away with false and misleading information as well as inaccurate dates.
Starting in 1847 the Mormons hurriedly fled Illinois. They were continually being shot at because of their differing religious beliefs so they packed their wagons with their blankets, muskets and flour and headed to Utah. We are told by 1853 they had built Temple Square. And many magnificent buildings and mansions followed soon thereafter. These structures which have the aging of hundreds of years are exquisitely built and the temple rivals many of the European grandest. Why aren’t they building anymore of these? Does it take a Illinois refugee farmer who lived in a log cabin to have the experience to build a temple? Where are the pictures of their construction?
Examples of stories like this that do not make sense abound everywhere.
Why are buildings from all over the world built with the same type of construction?
The truth is we are inheritors of a prior civilization.
One that lived close to nature where truth and integrity were honored.
Official history is a set of lies agreed upon. From the Geologic Time Scales to The Mayflower most of it is totally made-up. The story of Christopher Columbus is a little truth mixed in with a lot of lies.
The Matrix was set up for a purpose.
A reawakening though is occurring. But manufactured wars, fabricated crises, the poisoning of the food, land and air and the needless imprisoning, enslaving and murdering of countless animals every year continues.
And the weather is almost totally controlled.


We have been programmed not to believe what we see. We observe that the sun and moon are about the same size at approximately the same distance not that far above us. But we are indoctrinated into believing the sun is this huge monstrosity millions of miles away.
We are brainwashed into thinking that the celestial plasma orbs are rocky planets and that we have traveled to the moon and that the Earth is a round spinning globe hurdling at a tremendous speed through space.
The most recent set of catastrophes have already been unleashed and will be blamed on purely natural events. But it is all pre-planned. The survivors will be herded into safe zones.
Was Edgar Cayce right when he said ‘these past cataclysmic events were the result of the turning of the etheric rays from the sun by men without any moral standard’. Since the sun is relatively small and close this statement is plausible.

And because humans are so easily bedazzled into believing almost anything what will the time to come be like?

Will the future be a working class content in it’s servitude to a ruling elite?
Will this working class be replaced with artificial intelligence?
Will all humans eventually be phased out?
Life in this plasma cell with plasma orbs and a plasma dome above will continue on. But in what way?