In the former sky
Saturn was yellow
Mars was red
And Venus was green

So Venus was the Goddess of Agriculture
She introduced farming
And created the green crop

She was the Lady of Crops
And the Harvest Queen

In Native American lore
Venus was the Corn Goddess
Or Maize Mother

The Inca knew Venus as Chasca
The Originator of the flowers of the field

She is pictured as being clad in garments of green
And also green and yellow because of her association with Saturn

Mars who was typically red
Would appear green after his association with Venus

After he appeared from the underworld
He was a bright green
And this was seen as a rebirth

The Mayan called Mars Quetzalcoatl
Because the Quetzal bird is an iridescent green color

Mars would fertilize the field with his thunderbolts
Inseminating with his drill stick

That is why Mars is male
And Venus is female

The field was the Great Green around Venus
The Green Garden
The Garden of Eden

When Mars left the garden
He was seen as being banished
From the Garden of Eden

And when he reappeared
He was greenish
And regenerated

And was seen as
Being raised from the dead
Or born again