The dubious invasion of the Ukraine by Russia has started
With videos of jets flying over in order like fashion as in an air show
And fake pictures of a thirty mile long tank procession

WW3 has been planned out far in advance
Newscasters are controlled liars
People interviewed on the news are actors

I had a dream the other night of a big announcement
That the US was attacked with a large nuclear weapon
From then on everyone had a new life

There is no such thing as nuclear weapons
But that will be the scare tactic and the needed ingredient
To usher in controls and restrictions

The secret Illuminati meaning of the numbers 11 3
Which have been plastered in movies TV programs and even bulletin boards
Could be 3 11 which is March11
Or maybe 3 22 which is March 22
3 22 is the symbol for Skull and Bones

The reference to WW3 somehow starting in Seattle has been quite evident

March 22 – May 1 or May Day is the time of Sacrifice
It has its origin when Mars in the former age
Aligned on the intersecting paths in front of Venus
Which were a part of the Metatron or Crystal Cathedral of Saturn

They formed a cross and was it symbolically interpreted as dying on the cross
Venus was the Divine Flame resembling a great fire
And was called The Holy Torch of Heaven

This great sacrifice was later extrapolated to Jesus
In order to create a control system of religion

This is why Easter is in April

This time period has been filled with psy ops and false flag operations
Which are public sacrifices

The government is made up of Illuminati Freemasons
With their own religion
They have contempt for the feelings of the average person
And are themselves controlled by non humans at the very top

Our reality is based on deceptions
And once our mind is hooked up to the world wide quantum computer
We will eventually live in a false reality

And be easily controlled
With no way to escape
Unless we are helped by outside forces

Reptilians occupy human bodies
They play act and mimic human behavior
They fake normal human emotions

This is the time to purge soul wounds
To resolve emotional issues
To remove negative energies
And increase your inner harmony

This will produce vital energies
As the ATP in the cells create more light

This will expand your soul
Which will widen your sphere of influence

And the people you come in contact with
Will be blessed!