When plasma or Divine Fire Water mixes with salt sulphur compounds
It forms gold

Alchemy also takes place in our body

As plasma waves infiltrate us
The ATP in the mitochondrial membranes of our cells
Are sorted into numerous Cristae

The illumination of Cristae causes chemical reactions
And new levels of enzymes and hormones are produced

As our inner white light ignites
Our blood gets purified
And our spinal cord is reinvigorated
Which reenergizes the central nervous system and brain

This brings out our true spiritual essence
That embodies higher levels of energetic congruences

When we become aware of our higher connection
We can clear our negative ego
And release fears of being judged by others

When we practice the Law of One and compassion towards others
We heal our soul

And prevent it from roaming the earth
Or being trapped in certain locations
Which damaged souls do
In a hypnotic or sleepwalking like trance
As a result of trauma abuse or mind control implants

Originally we were just energy
We created creations in this world
By projecting our thoughts

We have a reciprocal interaction with Source

Dark beings do not have that
And they infiltrate us and feed off our energy to survive

Humans who practice the dark agenda
Also have cut themselves off
And they deceive and enslave us to survive

Our intentions beliefs and imaginations determine our reality

Silver and gold light frequencies from the constellation Ophiuchus
Are being carried by plasma to our realm
Ophiuchus means Serpent Holder

Being near the celestial equator
It was formerly associated with the Tree of Life or Axis Mundi
Its electrical intertwining current was the serpent in the tree in the Garden of Eden

The universal medium is plasma
Or electrified salt and water

This was the Prima Materia or Elixir of Life in the former age
That flowed from Venus through the Golden Gate
Which were the horns of the Celestial Bull of Heaven or Taurus

Into the Universal Axis or Milky Way
Named for its brilliant white light
As the Holy Spirit

Mars who was personified by Jesus
Drank this Holy Water
From the Chalice of God or Holy Grail

Which also is said to have been filled with his blood
The blood of Christ was the plasma flowing from the Red Planet

The intersecting plasma streams in front of Venus
Is where Mars shed his blood and was said to be crucified

The womb of Venus is also where Mars was said to be born again

And the 3 Wise Men or 3 Kings visiting him at the time of his birth
Were 3 prominent moons of Saturn in close proximity
That were the original Belt of Orion

Mars and Mercury were the original Gemini or twins
The same as Cain and Abel or Romulus and Remus

A celestial crystal kaleidoscope is now reaching down to us
Bringing us out of 3D into 4D and even 5D
This will be our new reality!