Our holographic reality is fixed up to a point
There are many more possible projections
Floating in the extrapolating essence

Which includes our parallel world

There is a main hologram that merges with others
Yet it is also malleable to change

The future is crystalized possibilities
Or holograms crystalized further in advance

Holograms are powered by subjective sensory effects
Of progressively moving points of view

Each point of view reflects a position of awareness
So holograms are progressions of viewpoints
Resulting from the viewers unique level of consciousness

Alien tech is algorithms placed into the architectural holograms
A radix or numeration scale of sequences based on 1 and 0

We power this system by our beliefs that they manufacture
Which produce low vibrational states

Cultural programming has given us inherently dysfunctional beliefs
Based on fear and greed
Which feed the rhetoric of the negative ego

False identity systems become prevalent
Producing deceptive and misleading holographic records

As we travel on our spiritual journey
We collect pearls of truth and wisdom

That enable our access to the etheric elements of the plasma fields
Which make up the omniverses
Of our holographic reality!