All you need to hold water in place
Or suspend it in air
Is a certain vibrational frequency

A 24 hertz wave can suspend water

When a flow of water hits a surface
It naturally causes a doming effect

This is why we have a water ceiling

Our universe operates
On electromagnetic attraction and repulsion

Our universe can be seen as a bell
Or one half of an hourglass

The plasma flux tube in the middle
Can be likened to the clapper

When the charge suddenly changes
The middle tube will bend and roam

And can be likened to
A witch stirring her pot of brew

This is the reason for the
Asphyxiation and sudden burying
Of the mammoths
And other former inhabitants
Of the northern regions

And for many floods
Such as the Lake Missoula flood
In the Pacific Northwest

When the bell rings
It is a reset!