We are in the last stage of the play before the New world Order
But first a great war must be fought

A blood ransom is critical for the Proclamation of Horus
Of a crowned conquering child
The Lord of the Aeon

This is another way of describing Mars on the celestial cross
And its red plasma looking like blood

The virgin of the Satanic Kingdom will produce new progeny
That will come down from the lofty heavens

Favor Chaste Lucina
Means with the approval of the Virgin Mary who is Venus

The Freemasons believe the Golden Age shall rise again

They are also the ones who make the movies
And sprinkle truth in them

They sing and dance and make music videos
They practice witchcraft complete with sex magic and blood sacrifice
And drink blood out of decapitated heads

They are also the mainstream media who stupefy us with propaganda

All people in power are members
And it is the club that celebrities and entertainers belong to

They keep their practices hidden under the penalty of torture and death
They preach Jesus knowing that they have turned his teachings into a control system
They have also taught the spinning globe earth the distance of the sun and the moon landings

The dollar bill is filled with their symbols
And bar codes have the 666

Soon people will be sliding their hand over the checkout scanner
So that a voice will say transaction approved

Jesus said Beware of the ones who wink with the eye
And signals with their hand

He was referring to them!