The Egyptian gods Anubis and Ammit
Lived in the underworld near the Lake of Fire

The Lake of Fire was an area of plasma in the former sky
That was being hit with electrical discharge

Revelation 21:8 says all the cowardly
All the immoral all the idolators all the liars etc
Will be thrown into the Lake of Fire

Revelation 19:20 says the Devil will be thrown into the Lake of Fire
The Devil is the reddish Mars who grew 2 horns or in Native American terminology
Had 2 feathers on his head

The pitchfork is an electrical discharge

The Book of Mormon in Jacob 6:10
Says its flames are unquenchable
And its smoke ascends forever

In Rabbinic literature it is Gehenna which is in Sheol or hell

Catholic belief emphasizes purgatory
Which is the place between the Venus greenery and the dark underworld or hell
There one undergoes a cleansing fire or fiery baptism

The 7 walls of Jericho were the 7 rings of Saturn
Which the wondering Israelites were said to encircle 7 times

As with all impossible Old Testament events
The story has a celestial origin which was brought down to earth

The sound of trumpets was the product of sonoluminescent light rays

The birth of Venus emerging out from water on a shell
Is the planet Venus ascending from the plasma ocean of Saturn

Moses being hid in the bulrushes of the Nile
Is Venus obscuring Mars

The rod of Moses and the rod of Aaron is the universal axis at the cosmic center or north pole
It formed a lattice of light or starlit stairway
It had an encircling current or entwining serpent

It was a trans harmonic gateway or diamond pillar vortex
That brought into our world source energy

And configured our reality according to the instruction sets
Of the Morphogenetic Fields

Where all of Gods creatures were free!