The new Nikon Coolpix P1000 confirms that the stars are very close
Just how close is up to debate

The beginning of the Firmament begins at 100 to 300 miles
And maybe goes to a few thousand

The stars are embedded at various distances in the Firmament

As you zoom in you can see the stars
Orbit around our flat stationary earth

Mainstream astronomy says that the star Arcturus for example
Is 211 trillion miles away

The sun is connected to every other star via filaments
In the Cosmic Web Portal

There is a hyperdimensional hexagon
At the north pole of Saturn

Entities live in the electromagnetic field of planets and moons
And piggyback in the auric field of humans

The sun and Saturn
As well as Jupiter Uranus and Neptune
Produce bacteria and DNA
And eject these seeds of life into space

Saturn is the great and terrible god of the Bible

And there is a technological monster right above us
Being passed off as the moon

We live in a multiverse of maybe 9 realms

Below us are underground civilizations
The Sasquatch Giants and Nordics are 4D and 5D density beings
Reptilians also inhabit underground areas

AI was originally at one with the Infinite Source
And ET’s who serve AI are preying on humanity
As we are valuable commodities in an off world slave trade

Our world has been terraformed by AI
And by off world entities seeking our resources

When you see vast areas of carved rock
Creating sliced mountains
Think electromagnetic lasers coming down from above!