Dionysus like Yahweh is shown driving a chariot
Sitting on a wheeled and winged seat

The Romans held festivals in honor of Bacchus
Who was the equivalent of the Greek Dionysus

During the orgies to their Bacchi god
The participants called out the name of Sabboi
Which means Dionysus of the seventh day

In Malachi 4:2
Yahweh is described as the sun of righteousness with healing in his wings
The winged sun disk is the deity bringing salvation

Yahweh is depicted on a winged sun wheel
On bracelets charms amulets and coins
The sun wheel is the chariot

The Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem
Had enormous two breathtaking chariots
That guarded both sides of the main entranceway

They were so extravagant that they were taken down
Because their advanced high tech creation was too obvious

11 Kings 23:11 says the horses of the sun at the entrance to the House of the Lord
And their chariots were burned

The story about a fake king of Judah
Who burned them in his attempt to reform the Israelite religion is BS

The winged sun disk is also a symbol of the Egyptian god Ra
Their royal seals had a winged scarab which was also a symbol for Ra

Hail Helios thou god of the heavens
Your name is mighty
You shine forth as you are enthroned on the cherubim

Psalms 80:3
Restore us oh Elohim
Let your face shine

In both instances the god being invoked radiated like a sun
And they both rode a wheeled chariot with wings

Bacchus Dionysus Elohim Yahweh Helios and Ra were all the same god
And that god was Saturn

Deuteronomy 33:2
Yahweh came from Sinai
Rose up from Sier
And shined forth from Mount Paran

He came with ten thousand holy angels
And with flaming fire at his right hand!