The Source Field is regenerating us
With spirals of intense periodic wavelength

Actors who do not know they are acting
And liars who do not know they are lying
Will cease to be under a spell

Powerful magnets that turn on and off
Aimed at currents to reverse their polarity
Which affects our consciousness
Are being overridden

The moon has been the worlds largest TV
Projecting an image to make us believe in fake events

It is now discharging a brilliant white moon beam
In one last futile effort to minimize our vibrational output

As the magnetic field changes the stars will fall
The sun will go down at noon
And the earth will become dark at midday

But in the opposite zones the sun will appear at night
And the middle of the night will become day

As the sun makes its way to the magnetic north pole
Attracted to the spinning plasma that is pulsating there
The seasons will change

The AI Red Wave transmissions that control the tone 10 elemental structure
By inserting reversed spirals
Will become defunct

The Vandals who inverted sacred architecture
And its spiritual properties in base 10 reversals
Will become powerless

Interdimensional timelines will be synchronized to ours by electromagnetic forces
The Artic and Antarctic ice barriers will melt

The mystical alchemical principles and energetic potentials of divine architecture will become evident

The male gender principle of the five pointed star of Mars
And the female principle of the six pointed star of Venus
Will unite and once again form the eleven pointed star
That is engraved on the dual cupolas in the Court of Lions at Alhambra Spain

The coupling of Mars and Venus created a crystal capstone on the Axis Mundi
And together with Saturn formed the Triple sun architecture
A temple of crystalline glass and shimmering gold colored plasma water
That bestowed upon us supernatural powers and transcendence

The Magnus Opus
A new age reinstating the divine plan
Is coming soon to the theatre of the sky
Above you!