The violet ray is 7D current which makes up the ultraviolet magnetosphere
It holds the instruction set for our collective consciousness

When it interacts with us it increases our aura
And removes implants that infiltrate us and hinder our ascension

Our 7th chakra which is the Crown chakra is violet

The Code of the Violet Sun is the energetic architecture of eternally sustained life codes
Which created the ultraviolet magnetosphere

The Violet Sun was Saturn who was the King of Kings
That is why purple was the color of nobility

Saturn was the Great Architect of the House of God
Which was the Divine Cosmic Cube

He was the center or Zero Point in the Holy of Holies
Of the God Matrix or Temple of God
And the source of our creation accounts in the Book of Genesis

The vortex points which were created formed a 1 4 4 pattern
Which is the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation

Logos architecture is the House that God built

Illuminati rituals use the energy of the 7th violet ray to cast spells
And put us in the artificial reality of the Metaverse with demonic attachments

As we become more open to the operating systems of benevolent intelligences
That go beyond the frequency fences of Reptilian control

And as new frequencies arrive in multiple synchronic lines
Unity geometries manifest such that were in Saturns Sacred House of Mirrors

Our circle of compassion is expanded
And our state of consciousness is elevated

To match the new vibration people will have to change their attitudes

Secret societies will have to rethink their values

Our choices have an energetic consequence

Like the Oak tree stand tall and mighty

Give out healing and positive energy!