Here we go again! 80 years later!
On October 30, 1938 the dashing, flamboyant and eloquent 25 year old Orson Welles along with 10 other actors, plus Bernard Herrman and his 27 piece orchestra were on the 20th floor in the Mercury Theatre in the CBS building in downtown New York City performing a radio show of an invasion from Mars that was listened to by an estimated 38 million people. It was based on the 1898 HG Wells novel The War of the Worlds.
The top rated radio program at the time was The Edgar Bergin and Charlie McCarthy Variety Show on NBC. It was purposely cut short so listeners would change the dial and tune in to the Mercury Theatre missing the pre-broadcast and thinking it was real.
The War of the Worlds was financed by the Rockefellers – the richest family in America who has a vested interest in knowing how to control the masses.

A modern version of War of the worlds has already began.
They are saying that a strange red cigar-shaped asteroid was spotted by the Pan-Starrs 1 telescope which is located on the summit of the richly colored Haleakala volcano in East Maui, Hawaii.
They are saying that it is the first interstellar object ever seen.
They say that it entered our solar system from a northward direction, perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic on a hyperbolic or parabolic orbit.
It is named Oumuamua which means a messenger or scout arriving from afar. It also means an ambassador from a distant realm.
Very clever! Getting people wondering if this could this be a UFO!
They say the shape is highly elongated and the radius is 200 x 20 meters across.
They say from ‘spectroscopic data’ that they know the surface material is an organically rich carbon with no snow or ice.
They say that this outside layer insulates the interior.
They say the object is going 95,000 km/p/hr.
They say it most likely came from a neighboring galaxy.
Sounds like a UFO to me Mildred!
They say the perihelion or closest approach to the sun was on September 9, 2017 and it coincided with high sunspot activity but they don’t know if it was just a coincidence.
They say it also might be responsible for the earthquakes and hurricanes in 2017. Ha ha. What a joke!
They say it slows down and frequently brakes.
They say it is rotating and doesn’t discharge like normal asteroids should.

An interstellar asteroid or meteorite being of different charge would not make it through the sun’s heliosphere. Comets arriving towards the sun that have been in the far reaches of our own solar system frequently explode because of the charge differential. Meteorites entering the Earth’s magnetosphere disintegrate because of the strong electrical force. The sun’s ionosphere is many times stronger than the Earth’s protective shield so an interstellar meteorite would not make it through and shouldn’t even be presented as a possibility.

In 1938 the news of an alien presence from the War of the Worlds broadcast spread like wildfire.
Phone lines were jammed.
Mobs gathered on the streets.
People ran into churches proclaiming the end of the world.
Farmers got out their shotguns and shot in the dark at grain silos thinking they were spaceships.
Residents of Grovers Mill, New Jersey thinking aliens were right in their neighborhood fled the area as fast as they could.
In Trenton, New Jersey people quickly threw their belongings in their automobiles and sped off creating traffic jams.
Clear across the country in the Northern Cascades in the small town of Concrete, Washington there was a power outage and residents ran up into the mountains thinking they were under attack by the Martians.

Oumuamua is supposed to be now heading out into the far reaches of the solar system.
The story will play out that Oumuamua is a ‘probe ship’ sent into orbit around our sun by an alien race that is gathering data before the ‘main party’ approaches and makes contact.
Compare that scenario to the War of the Worlds:
Ramon Raquello and his Orchestra was interrupted by an emergency broadcast from reporter Carl Phillips who was played by actor Frank Readick announcing the observation of several explosions of incandescent gas on Mars and that they are now racing towards the Earth.
Then the sounds of Bobby Millette and his Orchestra was cut off by an announcement from the astronomer Richard Pierson of the Princeton Observatory played by Orson Welles reporting that there was an earthquake in New Jersey probably caused by a meteorite of unusual size.
Then the program switched to an on the scene report of a hot flaming object embedded in the ground on a farm near Grovers Mill, New Jersey which seemed to have a metallic surface.
And it was humming.
So the police were called in.
The half embedded object suddenly produced a tripod which sent out a heat ray and incinerated 40 onlookers.
Then it flew off and destroyed bridges, railroads and power stations.
After a quick piano interlude, another announcement came on reporting that some type of volcanic disturbance happened on Mars.
This disturbance was in actuality the main fleet advancing towards Earth. They met up with the scout ship at The Great Swamp in Morristown, New Jersey and together the invading ships went on to crush resistance in various locations.
So the first spaceship arriving at Grovers Mill was just the vanguard of an invading army just like Oumuamua is already being hinted at as being the messenger, scout or ambassador of an advancing fleet.

The state militia was called in and Martial Law was put into effect.
The Secretary of the Interior then gives a speech saying ‘he will not conceal the gravity of the situation and everyone should keep faith in God and in our military forces because a united nation is the only way to fend off this advancing destruction’.
As the Martian fleet was flying over the Watchung Mountains a bomb squadron attacked them but were burned up by their heat rays. One plane was able to dive bomb upon the invaders destroying one of their ships.

In Trenton, Professor Pierson sees the Martian ships over the tops of trees. He thinks humanity is doomed.
As he wanders around trying to stay safe while looking for food he meets a military guy who says that most people after a week or so on an empty stomach will be glad to get caught even if they will be in cages. At least they will have food.
Being a little psychotic, he then says he will resist and go underground and use the Martian technology to take over the world.
Professor Pierson leaves and goes to New York City.
The invading fleet soon makes it’s appearance there and people try to escape in their cars and boats.
They ‘run like rats’ into the East River.
Pursuing them, the Martians cause the fleeing New Yorkers to ‘fall like flies’.

The Professor then contemplates how life seems to have no continuity with the past. The former life seems like a fantasy which never existed.
He comments about the dead bodies, the evil smell and the empty sidewalks.
He observes lean dogs feeding on carcasses.
And the silent shop windows displaying mute wares.
Then birds are seen overhead.
It is because bacteria has killed the Martians.
He starts philosophizing about how he was wrong to believe no life could have existed beyond our minute and petty sphere. And that the future is ordained for us because the vastness of space dictates the logical assumption of even more life forms out there watching us with envious eyes.

Three days prior to the broadcast of The War of the Worlds program at the Mercury Theatre, newspapers ran stories of astronomers announcing that there was definitely life on Mars.
In fact, there had been many stories in the newspapers talking about Mars.
There was also Space Gordon thrillers in movie theatres and comic books of Buck Rodgers.
People’s minds were pre-programmed and conditioned to believe in the probability of a Martian invasion.
In the last few decades there has been an inundation of UFO propaganda in movies, talk shows and on-line UFO groups while the fake news media has continually done stories about UFO’s.
Holographic apparitions that resemble UFO’s have recently been seen in the Central America country of Columbia. Also in Chicago, Florida and North Carolina.
So the minds of today have also been indoctrinated and manipulated to believe in the probability of an alien visitation.

What is the purpose of all this you might ask?
Global government, global finance and global religion.
In other words the consolidation of power.

The Orwellian scenario that is about to come upon us includes:
Classified ultra top secret airborne holographic technology.
And touchable holograms to promote optical deception even more.
Satellites or transmitters beaming sound to be heard by the masses.
Brain wave technology which can incite fear and panic and induce entire populations to think and react in a desired manner.
These manipulations of the brain can be undetectable and invisible.
Implications are chillingly real.

Welcome to the Grand Illusion! Enjoy the Show!

Orson Welles thought he was invincible after achieving widespread notoriety and forming connections to the Rockefellers. He produced, directed and starred in the 1941 movie Citizen Kane – a depiction of the life of William Randolph Hearst. It portrayed Hearst favorably in his youth but not so favorably in his old age.
Hearst was considered one of the five richest men in America. His estate located in San Simeon, California was half the size of New Jersey and described as the world’s largest pleasure garden. He had close ties to Hollywood. Studio owners and movie stars were frequent guests. Even though it was a great movie Hearst used his power and influence to prevent Citizen Kane from appearing in theatres. He also saw to it that Welles’ Hollywood career was ruined as well.

The Hearst family originally were the Bathursts and are related to the Churchills, Hitchcocks, and Franklins and other elite families such as the Pressleys, Lennons, and the Marx family. Also the Balls as in Mary Ball – the mother of George Washington. And the Dunhams as in Anne Dunham – the mother of Barack Obama.

The elite families have been staging events and fooling the multitudes for centuries.

And now there are a lot more billionaires in the world who want their own half of New Jersey size pleasure garden.
But there is an ever increasing population with less land available.
So something must be done!

Addendum: Now they are saying the Earth has entered an asteroid field. They claim 5 asteroids came close to the Earth on the same day. One was only 0.1 LD (Lunar Distance) away and another one was only going 0.1 km./sec. They called it a rare slow speed and questioned if it was really an asteroid. Soon they are going to call them fireballs and then gradually come right out and say spacecraft.