Some human souls become victims of soul imaging and capturing technology
They have become trapped in grey alien bodies
Unable to reclaim their human consciousness

Grey aliens or Zetas have no emotional intelligence
But are very technically skilled in various reversal field networks
Which resemble rows of solar panels
And refract light into images

When a soul is captured the panels mirror an exact replica
Into an artificial parallel dimension

The replica clone goes down a pathway of eventual destruction
Which creates a probable future timeline of our 3D earth

The person whose soul has been captured
Will eventually meet their destiny
And merge with their clone

The body will then be ripe for possession

The probable outcome in this controlled future timeline is observed
In what is called Looking Glass Technology
And is used by the military and their alien handlers

These probable outcomes are time traveling
And the artificial fields damage our current organic timeline

When a soul is not spiritually active
There is no resistance

And the soul becomes a collection of fragmented sub personalities
Generated from soul memories and a repository of personal emotional energies
And collective chaotic forces

Consciousness is the source of reality
Thought patterns generate holographic interactions

When good intention is projected with adequate intensity
It will achieve a desired objective

The more complicated and the more it departs from our current reality
The more time is needed to reorient our current reality

Intense concentration combined with the spoken word
Causes the objective to manifest

Caution must be held in creating consequences that are too dramatic

We have the power to create our own reality!