The Hymn to Apollo reads
I will remember and not be unmindful
Of Apollo who shoots from afar

When he draws near and bends his bright bow
The gods spring up from their seats

When Apollo arrives at the House of Zeus
The other gods tremble

As he stretches his bow
The other gods dash from their appointed positions

In the Rig Veda it says

Down he strode wrath at heart
Bearing on his shoulder his bow and covered quiver

To Rudra we sing these songs
Whose bow is firm and strong

The Conqueror with swift and sharp pointed weapons
Let fly a shaft
Terrible was the twang of his silver bow

Rudra is the raging and angry wandering red star

Do not assail your worshippers with celestial fire
Cause your lightning to descend elsewhere

Let your dart be far from us
Let thy bliss be with us Oh Lord

After Mars descended from the Eye of Zeus
Which was also the Womb of Venus
He was born again with incredible strength

Inanna gives her power to Dumuzi
Who shines with her strength

When Venus was at high electrical charge
She became the Medusa or the Aegis who turned people into stone

Aegis means mighty egg
Which is the same as the Eye or Shield of Zeus who was Saturn
Zeus is a jealous god and his Eye hurls lightning

Now you know the meaning behind Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall
Dressed in a red robe

The hero then lights a fire in the belly of the dragon
When Indra was born he slew the great serpent of old

He discloses the waters
And clefts the channels of the mountain torrents

Jesus Moses Jonah Elohim do the same things
The serpent in the tree in Genesis is the dragon
Religion is the story of the era where the planetary gods wander to the North Pole

In the Poem of Erra
Marduk says
Should I arise from my seat the government of heaven shall dissolve
And the station of the gods will alter

Earth shall shake
And I will not go back to my former place

Mars usurps his throne
And assumes the powers befitting the King of the Gods

The Chinese Shang Ti
Was the holy propitious red prince at the North Pole

Sinter Klaas or Santa Claus lives at the north pole
Wearing a red suit

Saturn was the Guardian of the Pole
And Genie of the Pivot

He was the Lord of the Universe
Who shone a beautiful face in the divine land

The Yellow Emperor of China was representative of Saturns yellow color

The throne of El or Elohim who was Saturn
Was at the pole in the center of the universe

Atum who was Saturn
Lives fixed in the middle of the sky

He shines in his home of light
His home is glory land

Enki was the motionless god of stability
The Central Fire

In the face of such magnificent and divine energies
Humans stood powerless
Terrified yet marveling!