The moon and sun are waveforms
They are at different wavelengths and pressure

Both are newcomers to our sky

The moon usually waxes and wanes
From left to right

But the face of the moon has recently flipped
It has turned upside down

It has also shown erratic motion
And is often not where it is supposed to be

The moon is translucent
And stars can sometimes be seen through it

The so called craters
Have a similar arrangement
As the continents

The sun recently started emitting a harsher light
Due to the sun simulator
Placed right below it

Two suns are sometimes seen at dusk
One is from the next realm over
And is usually kept hidden

In myth what is usually interpreted as the sun
Was Saturn

And the crescent and star which is abundant on flags
Such as Libya
And Azerbaijan

Was not the moon and sun

It was a revolving crescent
Of projected light on the face of Saturn

Which was also Noahs Ark
The Disk of Heaven

And the Pearly Gates
At certain intervals

The star was Venus
Which was in front of Saturn

Venus animated Saturn
And was the Glory of God

The Fiat Lux!