5 volcanoes have erupted in the Ring of Fire
6 in Indonesia

10 in Central and South America
3 volcanoes simultaneously went off in Guatemala

2 in Iceland
And more elsewhere

Mt. Etna in Italy erupted March 1

Mt. Etna is supposed to be the trigger
For the earthquakes
That cause the tsunamis hitting the coasts of America

Volcanoes are an electrical phenomenon
And are set off by high energy technology

The same is true for earthquakes

The planned natural catastrophes
Will also bring down the 3 Gorges Dam in China

Which will be the blame for the economic collapse

This will pave the way
For the Central Control System
A single repository
Where all information is stored

And which will control everything
Including money and financial transactions

When the 5G signal is activated

Behavior will be dictated
As the cells in your body
Are turned into transistors

These quantum computers
Will identify monitor and control humans

There will be a big shift in human behavior
With no recollection of previous
Religion laws or economics

But first one must take the vaccine

To take or not to take
Defines your reality
And the destiny of your soul!