We were designed to be fruit eaters

100% of the cholesterol
And 97% of the saturated fats
That cause a myriad of health problems
Which are linked to the top causes of death
Are from the eating of animals

Yes plants have consciousness

But they do not bleed
They do not cry
They do not scream in terror and pain
As they try to run away
When someone puts a knife to them

We boil lobsters and crabs alive
Even though it has been shown
That they have a heightened degree of sensitivity

Reptilians will have human babies boiled alive for their dinner

Paul McCartney said
If slaughterhouses had glass walls
We would all be vegans

A virus cannot live in an alkaline environment

Eating flesh provides an acidic environment
For viruses to multiply

An acidic body deprives cells of oxygen
Making cells ripe for cancer
Which can spread rapidly

The vulnerable and innocent
Sentient beings who can think and feel
Are preyed upon
By humans and reptilians

Human consumption of animals started very recently

Animals originally did not eat each other either

Only after the first engineered
Climate changing cataclysmic event
About 500 years ago did it begin

About 30% of animals became omnivores
As a means of survival

An adaption to the lack of food

Causing suffering is wrong
No matter what the victims degree of intelligence is

Eating other species is evil
When it is unhealthy and unnecessary!