The Vedic Metres assume the form of a horse
They are situated by the sun wheel

They have bronze feet and a golden mane
And are a symbol of life energy or Prana

As with the Sun Chariot of Yahweh
The chariot of Surya
Is sometimes depicted as being driven by serpents
Instead of horses

And sometimes the horses have more than 1 head

This is because the serpents and horses
Were satellites or moons of Saturn
Positioned in front of the primary
Exhibiting plasma discharges

A plasma attachment connected to each one
This was seen as the reins of the horses

The discharges from the moons
Conjured up images of horses
And sometimes serpents

Phoebus and Deimos the two satellites of Mars
Were depicted as the Steeds of Mars

When in former times Mars assumed its northernmost position
In front of Saturn
It looked as if he grabbed the reins of his fathers chariot

This was easily observed
Because the planets loomed large
In the Northern Sky

Earth was formerly the name of
Middle heaven in the northern realms
Which rotated contrary to the circumpolar stars

Phaethon whose name means The Bright or Shining One
Is Adonis who is Mars

He crashed his fathers chariot into the earthMetre

The spokes of the one wheeled chariot
Are the rings of Saturn

Then Phaethon was struck down
By a thunderbolt from Zeus

This phantasmagoria is the origin
For the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse

Which has been modified in the Book of Revelations
To look like an apocalyptic vision!