In chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation
The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Ride in on white red black and pale horses
Pale being a yellowish green

It is said they represent
Conquest war famine and death

It is being used extensively
As a sign of the times

A series of judgements
Marking the beginning of the tribulation

The Corona virus producing death
And war and famine soon to follow

A 4 horse chariot has been a popular theme throughout history
The 4 horses on St. Marks Basilica in Venice

They are on arches called Quadrigas
In Berlin Paris and Brooklyn

They are on paintings and other works of art

Charleston Heston drove a 4 horse chariot
In the popular 1956 movie Ben-hur

And they are a common mythological motif

The Greek Apollo had a 4 horse chariot
Krishna had 4 horses
Athena had 4 horses
Even Nike a close acquaintance of Athena had 4 horses
And the list goes on

The number of horses vary

The chariot of myth has only one wheel
And there is usually a sun disk
Between the horses ears

According to the Second Book of Kings
There was formerly a sun chariot
Complete with horses
At the entrance to
Solomons Temple in Jerusalem

Yahweh who is Saturn
Is depicted on ancient coins found in Gaza
Seated on a winged sun wheel

The sun wheel is the chariot
And the chariot is the Rings of Saturn

As formerly seen
In close proximity to us
In the North Circumpolar sky!