In the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers
People who were not vaccinated were singled out
And pointed at as it was shouted
He has not been vaccinated

Ireland has told the vaccinated
To stay away from the unvaccinated

In India it is said that over 100,000 people a day
Are dropping dead from the vaccine

In America the number of deaths reported in the media
Are only about 10 percent of the actual number

As the harvest of humans continues
They do not want to panic people too soon

Hearts are going to fail
When it is realized the vaccine
Is a death sentence
Or at the least it means being greatly compromised
Depending on pre existing conditions

With the introduction of novel proteins
The blood chemistry is changed

Micro vesicles are transporters encased in lipids
That carry between cells the RNA and synthetic proteins and virus

The shedding of cells will endanger the unvaccinated
Avoid contact with vaccinated people

As vaccines become mandatory
Go into covert mode
And fly under the radar

Governments are complicit in the sacrifice of their own people

Take borax magnetite orgonite diatomaceous earth or tourmaline
To disrupt the AI and take out heavy metals

Borax is a simple salt but has been forced to label their salt as toxic

Heavy metals cause inflammation which clog the synapses of the brain
It burrows into tissue causing Morgellons Disease

The goal is to sterilize you
And deactivate you into a machine
A synthetic takeover

Maintain your status as a sovereign being
Do not be a victim
Think of yourself as a conqueror

Keep your toroidal bubble at a high frequency

Singing affects the quantum realm
It wards off negative timelines
And brings positive energy

Quit eating weaponized processed food
Organic fruits and vegetables are best

Help change this world
Into the beautiful wonderful place
It once was!