Ascending individuals are gradually repairing and regenerating their DNA template
That will eventually allow full consciousness freedom

Free from enforced mind control
And the reincarnation cycle of this low density

Instruction sets to rebuild the 12 strand DNA pattern
To complete the silicate matrix of the crystal gene
That will embody multidimensional forces
The assessing of stargates
And our cosmic origin

Armageddon software whose purpose is to fully control humanity
Is also gaining momentum and is reaching a crescendo

The religious mind is being heavily assaulted with fear and mind control dogmas
Ever since the humanity as sinners narrative was incorporated
For the purpose of consciousness subjugation
And to confuse the nature of reality

The intent of the Inquisition
Was to provide loosh soul energy for the non humans
At the top of the religion pyramid

And the onslaught of the Crusades by the Knights Templar
Resulted in the Essene massacre
Who preached of humanities true origins

The Bible and the Koran with their partial truths
Serve as bait for the unsuspecting masses

The reason Jerusalem was coveted
Is that the Temple Mount is a Stargate
And is now used to transmit harvested energy
Via the mosques and minarets
To be picked up by the artificial moon
Which is an archetype of the Dark Mother
Transmitting negative polarity

The real Mother Goddess being Venus
Whose bright rays extended outward
And who sang the sacred songs which breathed light
Igniting the divine spark of the Creator

The Islamic emblem of the Star and Crescent
Is Venus above the Gates of Heaven
The bifurcation of the World Mountain
Also symbolized as:
Golden arches
Twin peaks
Upraised arms
Bull horns
Temple pillars
The temple pillars which Samson was chained to
The pillars of Shu which was the resting place of Atum

An alternate spelling of Mohammed is the French word Mohomet
Used in Provence France
Which was the center of the Cathar church

From which the word Baphomet is derived

The reason Cassius Clay changed his name to Mohammed Ali
Was so that he could continue his lucrative career in the rigged sport of boxing
At the same time promoting the fake religion of Islam!