As the world is getting more crowded people try to isolate themselves more and more. We try to avoid negative people especially. Negativity takes on many forms. A lot is a response to other negativity. And a lot is unwillingly spread through ignorance or indoctrination.
And the world is getting noisier. Developers are in bed with politicians or city council members to build and attract more people in order to have a bigger tax base.
There are more cars, more airplanes, more pick-up trucks, more semi-trucks, more ORV’s, more SUV’s, RV’s, campers, vans, etc.
People are willing to make a lot of noise without even thinking how annoying they are. Weed eaters, leaf blowers. branch trimmers, lawn mowers, chain saws etc.
Trains carry huge tanks of chemical poison. Tank trunks drive around with their chemical poison spray. And people walk around with their little spray devices spraying dandelions.
It is getting harder and harder to escape people and to escape their noise. And that is causing more negativity.
The pressure to make lots of money to escape the madness is mounting also. But as people expand out more they attack the very nature that they seek. They poison coyotes, set up bee traps, cut down trees and destroy life.
So people want privacy. They want land. And the only way to acquire those is through money.
Money is the answer. Money means power. Money means control. Money is the reason wars are fought. Money buys you houses, cars, trips. It buys you respect. Money buys you freedom. Money buys you privacy. Money lets you do what you want when you want and how you want to do it.
Money is the difference between being homeless and having a loving wife and kids. Or if you just want sex money buys that also.
Money is so important to people they will compromise their morals. They will steal. they will lie. They will cheat. They will deceive. They will conceal. They will harm. They will murder. Even start war. And that is what is happening in the world.
It’s a mad fucking dash for cash.
People’s minds are so focused on making money when they rip somebody else off they rationalize it as god’s will. When someone amasses a lot of money they think it is god’s blessing. What they are doing is treating money like a god.
People do what they’re told because they don’t want to and can’t afford to lose their jobs. They will obey because they want to work their way up so they won’t have to do that crap anymore. Just supervise it and make more money.
People will rationalize their unethical behavior by thoughts like I have a mortgage and bills to pay. I have a wife and kids to support. I will do anything for them. I will screw anybody over if I can get away with it.
How many best friends went into business together and became worst enemies. People view money as more important than their friends.
Colleges are charging insane tuitions. Professors are making triple digit incomes and only teaching a few classes a week. Internet companies, energy companies and landlords will try to squeeze every last penny out of you. Restaurants and food producers will use the cheapest ingredients possible to make the most amount of money.
Jesus and the Essenes were against the use of money because they knew it would lead to out of control greed. They saw it would divide rather than unite people.
The mayor, city council and city hall are usually puppets who being pulled by the strings of the richest person in town.
And the County Commissioner, the County Sheriff and the County Judge are usually the best of pals because that gives them the power to collect taxes even though there is no law requiring to pay county taxes.
When people protest against some injustice police will infringe upon their rights because they are ordered to do so by their superiors who are put there by a very rich person causing the injustice and making money from it.
No one wants their money flow to stop.
The elite bankers are one big happy family also because that consolidates their power.
It is a big tug of war for power. Between people of all classes. When someone gets a real cozy government job they will do anything to protect it. People rail against the upper classes but try their hardest to become one of them.
When the ultra rich start the grabbing and tugging with each other at a faster pace then that is the prelude for war.
Poor people prey on other poor and also fight for the rich endangering their own lives if they are paid enough.
The same ones who will take advantage of others are the same ones who are crying how unfair things are for them. They will especially try to manipulate a nice person which they will interpret as ignorant.
It is a big game of preying on who you can. And the most vulnerable are the animals who are defenseless against the savagery of humans. When animals are caged and treated only as food they suffer tremendously their whole lives. Evil knows no bounds.
The rich pretty much don’t have any morals except that they believe no one should be able to steal from them. The poor think they have morals until it is expedient for them to lose them such as when their morals get in the way of making money.
The executive will spend another day meeting with people to increase their bottom line. The poor person slaves it out at some dumb job or gets a basic handout while trying to win the lottery. The ultra rich are making plans to get even richer by taking over more land or mineral wealth or resources of some kind. Everyone is plotting some conspiracy to get more money.
Everyone wants their hand in the kitty – the government treasury. Wall Street banks who are proxies for foreign banks have their hands in it scooping up huge portions.
But most people have to get up early and drive in rush hour traffic and spend 40 hour or more a week doing something they don’t enjoy and wish they were doing something else.
Dentists prey on their patients by telling them they need to drill away at their teeth or take a tooth out about completely because that makes them big money. There is far less money in holistic dentistry. Doctors prescribe things that will only alleviate the symptoms for awhile but will never cure anything because if they are cured they would not need a doctor anymore. And they are quick to want to operate because that is big money.
Investment brokers are inventing schemes to rip off their clients.
Corporations are willing to destroy the environment because all they care about is making money. People rich and poor are willing to spray poisons, cut down forests, murder animals because money is more important to them.
By controlling money you control those who need the money you control. Citizens of a country are controlled by those who control the currency of that nation. People with the most money – the ones who control the currency – wind up taking control over politics and corporations and the media.
The future of world doesn’t look too promising. Billions of animals get slaughtered a year because everyone is putting themselves first without a thought to what another life is experiencing and feeling. Most people are able to feel for themselves and their immediate family but not go much further.
Imprisoning and making animals suffer all their lives is very negative and it is lowering our vibrations and making us less capable of considering the best interests of other people as well as our planet.
The meat and dairy industry lie to make money. They say we need to eat animals for protein or calcium. What they are doing is torturing animals for money. They don’t care if animals cherish life, family, freedom and safety as much as we do.
If one was totally honest with themselves they would quit bowing down 5 times a day towards Mecca or to a church alter every Sunday or they would quit wailing at a megalithic wall that was built by another more advanced race. Instead they would prostrate themselves to a pile of cash.
They should quit saying allegiance to any flag because in reality the major concern is money. We would have no nuclear power plants if the people making the decisions were putting our country first.
Each thought and every decision we make is either a step forward or a step backward. Making decisions that benefit you financially and hurt others lowers your vibration and hinders the progression of your soul. The world is morally bankrupt. And we are living with delusions of grandeur as if our own lives were the only ones that mattered. We have inconsistent, bizarrely compartmentalized compassion. The end result of all this is that we are going to end up destroying our own descendants along with much of the planet. Greed and exploitation if left unchecked will lead to the end of the human race.