Stephen King as well as many other writers
Are actually a team of writers in the CIA

He is credited with writing The Cell
Which turned into a Hollywood movie

Cell phones emit a frequency which cause tiny insects
If they are near to swarm around it

In the movie The Cell
Phoners are vibrationally signaled by their cell phones
To swarm around cell phone towers

Just like animals have been increasingly seen
To swarm around vibrational vortexes

The 5G cell phone towers do make our internet better or faster
They are weaponized targeting devices

All governments in the world have to borrow money
From the Bank of International Settlements

Since people are motivated by money more than anything else
The will of a small group of men
Is extrapolated onto the masses

To them life is all about power and control

Various people in positions of power
Are pulling out from the negative

Some that are trapped in a family lineage
And are manipulated into the ritual abuse of children
Are being presented with a holographic imprint
To switch to the positive

Through synchronicity they will be helped through the process
But they have to desire it
They have to take the action of serving others
They have to want to move forward with the ascension protocol

As we move into the 5th dimensional structure
If one keeps refusing they will self destruct

Even grey aliens want to learn about souls
And change their path

The monoliths that appeared in many countries
Have vibrational force fields
A Tycho magnetic anomaly

They are 20 meters high and extend 15 meters below the surface
They are impenetrable and nearly indestructible

The monoliths produce vibrational sequences of ratios
That go beyond our known 3D spatial dimension
And interact with a superconducting computer

The purpose of the appearance of the monoliths
Is to carry out the original assignment encoded in them
Which is to synthetically digitize the minds of humanity
And destroy all others

In the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey
The monkeys swarmed around a monolith

The monkeys are symbolic of humans
Who have no idea what the purpose of the monoliths are

To project a positive reality
You have to really feel it
You have to resonate that frequency!