The reason there are walls being built around the White House
Is because the country is closing down
And will be turned into 10 FEMA zones

The White House was named after Andrew White a high ranking freemason
All the Presidents have been freemasons
And have participated in occult rituals
The latter ones have been good friends with Jeffrey Epstein

All the armed forces will be under control of the FEMA administrator
Who is Peter Gaynor which is a fake name
He was the director of Homeland Security

Each of the 10 FEMA zones will have a regional director

Operation Warp Speed is a military campaign
To get the whole world vaccinated
They are in 26 states
And have recently been deployed in
New Jersey New York New Mexico
Ohio Michigan and Rhode Island
And in 24 Tribal Nations

They are opening vaccination centers
And will also be going door to door

Wal Mart stores will close when the economy crashes
And be converted into FEMA camps
Where food will be available

Wal Mart was an Intelligence operation from the beginning
Wal Mart means Martial Law

FEMA Camps will also be on barges

They are going to turn off all power
And run an electromagnetic pulse or EMP
Probably in June

Interstate commerce will collapse
And martial law will be enforced

A domestic terrorism unit has just been founded
By the Department of Justice or DOJ
To take away people who do not comply

The conspiracy is so monstrous
People cannot believe it exists

They cannot accept that there is a plan
To take away all which is good and decent
And enslave everyone!