Voting only shows that you are obedient
To the Satanic Cult that runs the world

It is about as idiotic as believing
That Columbus discovered America
Or that Pilgrims barbecued turkeys with native people at Plymouth Rock

When the driver of the car carrying John F Kennedy
Took a left onto Elm Street into Dealey Plaza in Dallas
They entered a Masonic Triangle
With twin doppelganger buildings 7 stories high

Freemasons guarded snipers in a Masonic ritual execution
Who were kneeling at the railroad trestle
To keep out any dog walkers heading toward the Port facility

The Kennedy family is part of the elite
Who are at the head of the Freemasons
So it could not have been JFK who was assassinated

JFK was in terrible health
He wore a back brace that limited his movements
And was on amphetamines and steroids to keep him going

The elite live in a Sci Fi world
While restricting the rest of humanity in order to maintain control
Cloning and soul transference are part of their existence

Because of his health and that he talked too much
The decision was made for him to depart into a new identity

Jimmy Carter had an unusual fixation on JFK
Interviews with him have JFK written in the background
And he would always give him his utmost respect

The first shot hit the JFK impersonator in the throat
And was a Freemason sign indicating he said things he was not supposed to

Posthumous photographs look like his body double
Though they could have been made beforehand

The narrative was created that he would come back as someone else and reclaim his presidency
He would be a lowly peanut farmer who magically won the Presidential election

The masses accept what is presented to them no matter how improbable
The only way a farmer who walks around in his fields all day would become President
Is if the elections are fixed

Jimmy Carter never worked on a peanut farm
The elite do not do menial tasks

The chances of a rural farmer winning the Presidential election
Is about as believable as if Junior Samples decided to run for President
And won!