Lucent Technologies is a cloning facility
The main office is located at 666 5th Avenue in New York City
It is owned by Jared Kushner

They not only do clones
But they transfer consciousness into new bodies
And do gender transformations

Gender transformations are done because the god of the elite is Baphomet
Baphomet was a transgender god
Due to the interloping of Mars and Venus in the prior epoch

Vice President Kamala Harris
Was Paul Reubens
Who was Pee Wee Herman

As soon as the Biden clone that is acting as president
Is no longer in office
Which is upcoming soon
Kamala Harris will be the next president

In other words Pee Wee Herman
Will rule over America

The brain of Adolph Hitler
Who is the father of Angela Merkel
Was kept in a jar

This is also common practice among the elite

Jared Kushner who is a cyborg
Has the brain of Adolph Hitler

Death has many faces

In the Old Testament
Cush is the father of Nimrod

Jared Kushner who is Adolph Hitler
Will be the Antichrist

So what the future has in store for us is
To be ruled over by
Adolph Hitler and Pee Wee Herman!