To control the weather
All that needs to be done
Is to twist a knob

Weather formation takes place
In the troposphere

Since the ionosphere can be manipulated
So then the troposphere below it

There are many HAARP platforms
Many of them mobile
That masquerade as radars

Which create and steer
Hurricanes and tornadoes

And can also cause
Earthquakes and tsunamis

Scalar frequency clouds
Are easily recognized

Sudden wind shifts
Are also indicative of weather control

A scalar interferometer is used
To freeze an entire area

Such as the deep freeze
That most of the USA is now under

When the weather warms
Mass vaccination sites
Will open up

And will be not just in
California and Florida

A Soothsayer bids Caesar
Beware the Ides of March

This year beware
Of the March
Nones Ides and Kalends

As it will usher in a new era
Of machine humans!