Number 11 means the gates to the spirit world are open
And that you are aligned with your power

It means you are resonating with enlightenment and psychic awakening
And are in a position of amazing opportunity to manifest your dreams

Set a clear intention
And ignite the world into a living light consciousness

11 indicates you in tune with Gods truth
And are now a guardian of All That Is

Ground the energy you receive by spending time in nature
Focusing on spiritual practices

Cultivate positivity and presence
Embrace the boundless essence of being

The spiritual stargate of Uranus is now flooded with red rose energy
Sparking a range of catalytic clearings

Planetary stargates act to step down the higher energies
Being transmitted from the God Source

Stargates conduct an energetic spectrum of frequencies
Transferring them to other spiritual dimensions and to the matter fields

The transference of interdimensional plasma waves from Venus and Saturn is greatly accelerating
And making tremendous changes to the blueprint architecture

Neptune has opened its dormant portal
Resonating spiritual fire and bursts of pure light matter at sacred mathematical frequencies

Stabilize and strengthen these empowering concentrated frequencies
You are now at a position to tip the scales of the world

Focus on constructive heart centered intentions
And lead humanity toward a better more harmonious state

The worlds energy is our collective frequency
And is currently more than ever susceptible to entrainment

Concentrate on positivity and love
And you will invite a timetable of events
That reflect those frequencies!