Spiritual energy is electromagnetic
The electric multidimensional layer of consciousness fields
That are above our earth plane
Is spiritual

Therefore all inhabitants in this world have a spiritual interface
With this electrical spiritual field

All life has spiritual energy which makes up their soul
In this way we are connected to each other and to animals
And to all other expressions of life

Forming a massive neural spiritual network
That transmits an immense amount of electromagnetic energy
And intelligent information
That is thrust upon axiatonal lines and ley lines

When one intentionally harms another being
The start to become disconnected
And they begin to lose their own soul

Human spirituality is also drained
When hidden technology is used to harvest energy

Intelligent instruction sets are damaged
Manufacturing a system of entropy
And we feel disconnected to each other
And to other species

When our spirit body is weak
It is vulnerable to being manipulated and funneled
For the explicit use of entities

This is their long term enslavement agenda

Our personal energy is their most valuable currency
And is prized by off world beings

It is used as a medium of exchange
And for generating their virtual reality systems

And this is the purpose behind the reason why
Humans have been groomed to ignore spiritual currency

And worship the money supply
For their personal fulfillment!