The famous Hollywood actors and actresses are all pretending
They are pretending they are doing well
But they are lacking organic human bodies

They all live a script of a character who is not real
And cannot accept the fact that they are not genuine humans

They are manufactured in underground labs
That to the average blindfolded human could only be science fiction

These fake humans are also famous pastors famous spiritual gurus
You tube celebrities prominent politicians and acclaimed athletes

They are lonely because they cannot feel
They try to experience emotion in extreme sports
And the use of potent drugs such as adrenochrome

They use charm and fake sympathy
To harvest your idolatry energy

When they are chosen to be sacrificed by the Illuminati
They will be depicted in their last movie or public appearance in a sacrificial position
Often wearing a red rose which is the symbol of sacrifice

They are given the jump program
And will jump from a high place to suicide themselves
But it will usually be depicted in the news as the result of a car wreck or skiing accident or plane crash

This procedure is hinted at in the Illuminati New Testament
Where Satan led Jesus up to a very high mountain and told him to jump off
If he did he then would have all the riches in the world

The suicided celebrity is then cloned
And given another cinematic programming

Sometimes they appear as new versions of themselves
But their new body is inhabited by a non human

False realities are being simulated into ours
Digital cybernetic copies of humans are inserted to control the narrative

As the world shifts from 3D to 5D
There is a massive effort to keep us in the lower vibration
To maintain their supply of loosh energy

Loosh is soul spelled backwards
H is the 8th letter
It means ate the soul

Transhumanism is the attempt to synthetically numb us
But we have already won
And their time is running out!