Underwater cities such as Pavlo Petri in Greece
And Port Royal in Jamaica
Have grand staircases fit for giants

There are statues of the Bull of Heaven
Guarding entranceways with ornamental arches

Submerged pyramids off the coast of Cuba
Are in the same computer board formation as the pyramids on the Giza Plateau

Megalithic structures abound worldwide
We are given stories of primitive people rolling stones
Then somehow carving them and lifting them up perfectly in place

The classical age was removed to remote antiquity
And replaced by a medieval age
Preceded by a dark age

In the USA we are bombarded with the wild west narrative
Magnificent buildings such as the Mormon Cathedrals in Utah
Were somehow built with shovels hammers and ropes

We are told the construction material was hauled in on wooden carts pulled by horses on dirt roads
Or on trains whose tracks that suddenly appeared by incredibly hard working Chinese labor
Who were many hundreds of places simultaneously

Montana alone has over 5000 miles of railroad tracks

Along with building the bridges and tunnels
They also hauled in all the bedding material
And the immensely heavy railings along plus the wooden support beams

But once you know the truth you will see the lies everywhere

The college campus which I live nearby had a sophisticated electrical train system in the 1800s
That went up and down the steep hills

There was also lumber mills with advanced technology that carved the support beams
Beautiful old built brick building still align the downtown areas of all the small towns
Yet there was not supposed to be hardly anyone here in the 1800s

Gradually they are moving dates up into the early 1900s to make it all sound more plausible

But nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care
And when confronted they will fiercely defend the fake official narrative!