On August 5, 1962 the world was shocked when it was announced Marilyn Monroe had committed suicide by taking 40 sedatives called Nembutol a sleep inducing barbiturate.
The official story has been changed many times but here are the facts:
On August 4 Marilyn’s publicist Arthur Jacobs was at the Hollywood Bowl watching a Henry Mancini concert.
He claims he was informed there at 10:30 PM by Marilyn’s lawyer Mickey Rudin that she had overdosed.
An ambulance was called to Marilyn’s residence at 12:30 AM on August 5 but was told to leave.
Marilyn’s friend Peter Lawford said he learned of Marilyn’s death at about 1:00 AM on August 5.
Other friends of Marilyn’s tell the same story.
Marilyn’s housekeeper Eunice Murray who lived in the guesthouse said she was washing sheets in the middle of the night and peaked in the window and saw Marilyn in bed.
She said Marilyn didn’t look right so she called Dr. Ralph Greenson at 3:30 AM. Later she added that the phone cord was under Marilyn’s bedroom door and she became alarmed.
Murray was actually hired by Marilyn’s psychologist to keep an eye on her because Marilyn was heavily into drinking and prescription drugs from the pressures of superstardom.
Murray and her son in law Norman Jeffries who was there earlier that day were never interrogated by the police in any investigation.
Dr. Greenson said he arrived at 3:35 AM and saw Marilyn ‘clutching her phone’ in bed and so he immediately broke a window to open up the front door.
Marilyn’s personal physician Hyman Engelberg was also called and arrived at the scene.
The first policeman Jack Clemens came at 4:30 AM.
Murray told him that Marilyn had died at 12:30 AM.
Clemens wondered why it took Murray 3 hours to call a doctor and 4 hours to call the police.
She never did have an answer for that.
Engelberg by just taking a quick look at the body told Clemens that the time of death was 12:30 AM.
A second ambulance then took the body away.
The drivers later said that it looked like a murder victim with dark hair roots and did not resemble Marilyn Monroe.
The coroner said he didn’t find any drugs in the body.
All of his reports and photographs of the forensic investigation were later destroyed.
A deputy coroner took over the autopsy who was later fired for falsifying his credentials.
A rumor circulated that she was murdered by the Kennedys.
She supposedly had affairs with both John and Bobby and because she felt mistreated she threatened to reveal some of their dirty secrets.
So you see the original plan was for Marilyn to fake her death on August 5 at 12:30 AM but they didn’t have a body procured to pass off as Marilyn so things got changed at the last minute without the awareness of everyone ‘in the know’.
But why would Marilyn want to fake her death?
She was the leading star in Hollywood.
She was what many consider the most beautiful and glamorous movie star of all time.
Except she was a he.
It is the common thing if a person wants to be a big star they have to be transsexual.
Every first lady at the White House has been a guy parading as a girl.
Marilyn was raised as a girl even though she was a guy.
Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortenson in 1926 and later switched to Norma Jean Baker after her mother remarried.
She later took her mother’s maiden name of Monroe.
At age 16 she married her childhood sweetheart James Dougherty.
They were married from 1942 to 1946.
She married baseball star Joe DiMaggio in 1954.
He got jealous of Marilyn’s sexuality being paraded around.
Especially after the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ came out in which she was portrayed as a sex symbol.
They divorced in 1955 but remained close friends.
She then married Playwright Arthur Miler in 1956 and got divorced in 1961.
So Daugherty, DiMaggio and Miller were all gay just like all the Presidents have been.
Marilyn was also reported to be intimately involved with Sam Giacona, Frank Sinatra and Arthur Jacobs her lawyer.
These affairs might have been just misdirection to keep her image as a female sexual bombshell.
We are told that Marilyn came from humble beginnings.
But like most all of the leading entertainers and famous people in the world, Marilyn came from a very wealthy family with connections.
Marilyn Monroe is Jewish and is related to President James Monroe.
Also George Washington and George Bush are two close relatives.
Since all the Presidents are distant cousins if you are related to one of them you are related to all of them.
Usually if an actor or President (Presidents are actors too) or entertainer has died before their time you can bet their death has been faked.
Hollywood is run by the CIA.
The CIA is run by the elite banking establishment.
We are told that Marilyn worked in a factory during the WW2.
Wealthy people don’t work in factories.
Marilyn owns a huge estate in the undeveloped east side of Maui in Hawaii near the small town of Hana.
It is a tropical paradise!
The official story is that she willed it to her acting coach Lee Strasberg.
But of course that never happened.
Three days before her ‘death’ Joe DiMaggio who was 47 at the time quit his job and told his boss that Marilyn was going to remarry him.
He was hardly ever seen again except for a few Mr. Coffee commercials and locally as a spokesman for Bowery Bank.
Joe and Marilyn were tired of the spotlight and maybe wanted to have a family away from the prying eyes of admirers which goes along with being a celebrity.
Marilyn was 36 at the time and her best looking days were behind her.
They moved to Marilyn’s Hana estate in Maui and have lived there ever since.
They probably did have a family.
Adopted or otherwise.
Joe DiMaggio died in 1999.
In 1985 Eunice Mullins said in an interview in which she was unaware of a microphone “Why at my age do I still have to cover-up this thing?”
She also said when the doctor arrived at 4:30 Marilyn was not dead.
So again the story changes and none of it makes any sense except when you realize Marilyn never died and it was all a big hoax.
In 2003 Marilyn was seen by dozens of people at Papohaku Beach in Molokai, Hawaii.
Papohaku is a private and secluded beach which only can be assessed by aircraft.
Marilyn lives an exclusive lifestyle but reports come in from time to time about someone who claims to have recognized her in Hawaii.
If you go to the town of Kaanapali which is also in Maui you will find a Marilyn Monroe Spa.
Now in her early nineties she is just a little old lady.
But with a one of a kind past.
It is a life which one only dares to dream of.
A dream of Hollywood!
And stardom.
And retiring in a vast exclusive tropical paradise with someone you love!