In the 1914 movie Cabiria
Small naked children are thrown into the flames of Molech

It is an actual sacrifice being presented as a movie

This is what happened on Jeffrey Epsteins island

And Planned Parenthood makes a lot of money
Selling babies for this purpose

Satanic ritual abuse is more common
Than any sane person would like to know about

These rituals are to provide negative energy to the entities
Who put them in power positions

And they believe by superimposing the Karmic exchange upon the victims
They can avoid the higher dimensional laws of cosmic justice

The practice of transferring their consciousness to synthetic bodies
Keeps them in a lower state of vibration
For great lengths of time

They maintain their power through:
Terrorism cataclysm pestilence war poverty
Debt enslavement oil and gas dependency
GMO foods pharmaceutical drugs chemtrails
financial fears lack of pure drinking water

These are all controller games

Pedophilia is also rampant among the elite
Sexual trauma fragments the soul

Intentional harm has an energetic consequence
The energy will be returned at some point to rebalance

When one wishes to move away from this
They will receive loads of karmic lessons
Which will change the direction of their energy
Pushing them towards balance

Enabling them to reclaim their humanity!