Celebrities are just puppets of the Beast System
They do not own their life
Prince wrote the word slave on his cheek

If you want to make it to the top
You will be required to serve Baphomet

Baphomet is the transgender horned god
Who was a configuration of celestial orbs and their plasma discharges in the former era

You will be required to give up your birth gender and marry the opposite one
To be in the image of Baphomet

A white wedding is mourning over your lost identity
And you will undergo surgery genetic tampering hormone pills and reassignment

The former self is sacrificed
In Billy Idols song White Wedding
The word shotgun is a blast of transformation

When a celebrity is admitted to the hospital or is put in jail
It means they are undergoing brain washing techniques

They do not come out as the same person
And usually they become possessed by a non human entity

A vampire is a reptilian who has taken over the body of a human
They have very white skin and wear protective clothing
Because they cannot handle the sun

They carry an umbrella to shield them from the suns rays
The Pope uses an umbrella

Their energy is not of this realm
And they need to consume human blood to extend their life here

They are the hooded priest of Baal at Satanic rituals
They wear black to represent the dark world

They are very involved in politics and masquerade as regular people
Trying to copy human emotions

They are photo phobic because the electromagnetic imprint weakens them

The live long and prosper sign of the Vulcans in Star Trek
Is the sign of a vampire because it forms a V

When the new world comes
They will try to make their escape back into the heavens

For they cannot stay in the new energy!