Cause I’m Slim Shady Yes I’m the real Shady All you other Slim Shadys are just imitations So won’t the real Slim Shady Please stand up Please stand up.
So goes the chorus in the song Slim Shady by Eminem.
It is a reference to his clones.
Unbeknownst to the public there is a mass cloning of celebrities taking place.
Just about every famous person you can think of has been cloned.
It is hard to conceptualize secret underground facilities of cloning operations with rooms that have heads in jars and bodies in cocoon-like envelopes.
There is Digital Human Freight.
Which are bodies exactly the same standing motionless in a line.
Cloning research began in the 1930’s.
After WW2 it started receiving inexhaustible funding.
Frogs were cloned in the 1950’s.
Then animals were cloned in the 60’s.
Humans started being cloned in the 1970’s.
The science has been perfected each year.
Future shock has arrived!
Bodies which are called sleeves are grown in a lab.
A stem cell is inserted into an egg in which the DNA has been taken out.
These embryonic stem cells are capable of becoming any of the cells that make up a person.
The brain has a neural network of rhythmic pulses and complex frequency waves.
A device called a Soul Stealer does a complete DNA replication of the entire brain and a holographic chip is created.
Then the consciousness on the chip is transferred to an electromagnetic waveform which is put into the new sleeve.
The cortical stack in the spinal column at the base of the neck stores memory.
Every memory, emotion and sensation one has ever experienced is imprinted on it.
This is used as a device to simulate a person in a new body.
Replication cloning is where a baby is procured as a host mother.
An egg with manufactured cells are inserted in the baby and develops into an embryo.
The embryo is removed and grows into a clone in a big tank full of water.
Another type of clone is a synthetic clone where cells are activated by an electric shock and act like fertilized eggs.
The DNA is edited in what is known as gene splicing.
Enzymes are used to cut DNA strands and are replaced with new information.
The skin of these clones have a synthetic feel.
The very rich keep copies of their minds in remote storage areas.
They think this is the way to eternal life.
If they are old and deteriorating or if their clone is malfunctioning they can just put their mind into a new young strong body.
If the clone needs repair, a tune-up is performed which is referred to as being re-sleeved.
This is portrayed in the 1967 Twilight Zone episode Trade-ins.
The reason for the big secrecy is because there would be a public outcry if they knew the truth of what is going on.
Many human eggs are needed and it takes 248 fetuses to extract the tissues and organs needed for the rejuvenation of one clone. This is why abortions and organ harvesting (especially prevalent in Libya) are now big business.
Baby embryos are needed to get consciousness.
Some embryos have a soul embedded while others do not yet have one.
It is more likely that a fetus will have a soul.
Aspiring actors and singers have sold themselves to be cloned in order to become a star.
Parents even sell their kids to be cloned for the money.
The very rich buy them and use them as sex slaves, servants and for various forms of entertainment.
Sexy Hollywood stars are especially popular.
This has been going on for quite some time.
There is a big underground building called ‘The Arena’ in which all kinds of clone games are performed for the entertainment of the wealthy.
Celebrity clone boxing, ritualistic sacrifice, sex games, you name it they’ve done it.
Physical torture of clones by clowns is common.
This is referred to as Crazy Stuff.
Victimizing others gives the psychopathic mind a sense of power.
Queen Elizabeth is a regular there and she is said to be insane when it comes to using and abusing clones.
The subject of clones is talked about all the time among the elite.
The attitude is when a clone dies they can just make another one.
They are just digital property and if they are not compliant and subservient they can be hurt bad or terminated.
But clones have consciousness and emotions just like you or I.
In fact a clone of someone will think the same thoughts as the real person.
While some clones are slaves others have their freedom.
They usually have a distant look and their eyes will be different or swollen.
Celebrity clones such as the rock star Bono always wears glasses to hide his eyes.
Clones are typically prone to fainting and exhibit slow mobile movement.
A vast array of soldier clones and robo-cops are now being made to order.
There is a whole wing at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland devoted to the tune-up or repair of clones.
Other medical centers have entire floors dedicated to gene splicing.
Camp David the secret retreat of Presidents has a huge clone facility.
All Presidents since Jimmy Carter have been cloned.
It has been said that Carter was cloned over a hundred times as they kept experimenting and improving on the old clone.
Vril lizards are underground creatures whom it is claimed predates humans.
These beings have a proboscis on their forehead which holds their genetic make-up and which also contains parasitic cells.
When a person is attacked the proboscis is detached and attaches itself to the host.
Spinal fluid is released and makes its’ way to the optic nerve.
This dehabilitates the person and is called Sweating the Quill.
The lizard creature dies as does the consciousness of the victim.
When the person comes back they are not themselves.
Consciousness is transferred.
The Vril lizard then mimics the behavior of the dead victim and this new person is actually called a Mimic or Drone.
It cannot feel sympathy or any human emotion but fakes it.
One might think you are talking to a friend but really you are talking to the creature that killed your friend.
It is said that in order to become a part of the elite inner circle you have to sacrifice one of your infant children and allow a Vril creature to take over their body.
Robotoids are computer robots using organic material.
Organic tissue is collected from an Oocyte which is an immature egg.
It is altered to function alongside artificial material and will not heat up.
The genetic coding is taken from a few cells.
The brain is programmed and a robotoid will look and act like a human but it is not human.
It is alive but artificial.
It eats and drinks and breathes and bleeds.
They think but only as a computer thinks.
Having a biological computer brain it possesses an enormous memory but needs to be programmed for each assignment.
They cannot grow or reproduce.
They can be made in a few hours but only can live a few months.
There are fifteen cloning centers in North America.
95 percent of the attendees do not know where they are at except that they are in an underground base somewhere.
The biggest ones are near Ada Oklahoma, Mt. Hood in Oregon, Area 51 in Nevada, Dulce AFB in New Mexico and Garibaldi Park in British Columbia Canada.
If ones strays too close to a cloning facility they tend to disappear.
As a deterrent, celebrities who have been to a cloning center are forced to watch an execution of someone who has talked too much.
When consciousness is being transferred in the cloning process it is reported that there is a realization of a momentary wandering in space and of a oneness of the universe.
One feels that everything is connected and that the future and the past are accessible.
During this moment one can go back or forward into time.
There are experiments going on right now that are trying to use this phenomena to go back in the past and change time.
Or to go into the future and find out the results of what is going on in the present.
It is not a remodeled DeLorean car being struck by lightning that will get you into the past or future as portrayed in the movie Back to the Future.
It is a shift of consciousness that will do it.
Once night I was sleeping when all of a sudden I knew I had the ability to enter a time portal.
I had to choose if I wanted to go back into the past or into the future.
I was too scared to make any decision because I did not know for sure how to choose a certain time period or how to come back.
So I woke up.
But what convinced me it was real is that even after I woke up I knew I still had the ability to do it.
I went back to bed and it gradually left me.
Right now there might be people from the future who have come back to this time period to change their present time which is our future.
Or maybe there are people from this time period who have gone into the past in an attempt to change our present.
If that ability ever returns to me I think I’ll go for it!