Crop circles have always been such a mystery.
They are usually dismissed right away as being the work of pranksters.
But if one does even a cursory perusal of crop circles they will find that they are not the result of using boards and planks.
The intricacy and complexity of the designs nullify the belief of people sneaking in a field during the night and creating a perfect masterpiece.
Then leaving without anyone seeing them and without leaving a trace of a trail of them coming and going.
The stems of the crops in crop circles have what is called expulsion cavities.
This is where the water in the plant gets super hot from an intense blast of heat and is expelled through a hole.
The stems get so scorched that their DNA gets changed.
Dehydration of the seeds occur.
Eventually there is seed growth and after a few days or a week the crop recovers and grows bigger and stronger than it would otherwise.
It is directed electromagnetic energy that is the cause of these elaborate formations.
When it is realized that it is not boards and planks many will quickly jump to speculations of aliens trying to contact us.
The reason they say for this odd way of communicating is that the alien intelligence is in a different dimension or of a totally different consciousness than us.
The utilization of directed energy goes back a long ways.
Crop circles appeared way back in the Middle Ages beginning in Herefordshire, England.
They were simple circles and were said to be caused by the Mowing Devil.
These were obviously a scare tactic to cause people to react in fear and make irrational decisions.
They were also called Witches Rings and were periodically seen up until the early 1900’s.
Now they are a world wide phenomenon of incredibly complex pictographs.
Ninety percent of them occur in the U.K. and most of these happen in Southern England.
The land in Southern England contains the deepest chalk aquifer in the world.
Chalk contains magnetite and together with the flowing water a piezoelectric substrata is formed containing an electric field. These chalk aquifers are the largest natural conductors of electromagnetic energy in the world.
Car loads of people race to catch a glimpse of new crop circles.
In fields of wheat, rye, barley, canola and oats.
They are mesmerized by the complex and perfectly drafted design.
They are intrigued that it might be the result of an alien intelligence trying to contact us.
Plus there is a remnant energy that can be felt.
Walking in accordance to the direction of the energy flow generates harmonious feelings.
Some even claim miraculous healing especially in the vortex area.
Going in opposition to the flow produces headaches and confusion.
Many find comfort in the belief we are being visited by supernatural forces.
They believe crop circles express the mind of the Divine and have deep philosophical meaning.
They say that these formations are sacred geometry reflecting universal truths.
And say they feel connected to this Universal Order because it enables them to see the inner workings of God.
Others claim they feel connected to the alien circle makers.
That their consciousness is expanded.
They assert that ancient memories are unlocked reminding them of our cosmogenic origin.
Most people now believe that alien intelligence is behind these formations.
And that each crop circle has a deep meaning which the aliens are trying to convey.
Some people have witnessed the happenings surrounding the creation of these artistic configurations.
Large hovering aircraft have been observed in accordance with the appearance of new crop circles.
Also a line or beam ‘like a laser’ has frequently been seen at the time of the fashioning of these exquisite patterns.
Most always these aircraft and beams appear in the middle of the night.
Nikola Tesla reinvented the laser beam in the early 1900’s.
The military have spent billions of dollars in experiments and studies in order to expand and utilize this technology.
Weaponized lasers were used it in WW2, Vietnam and Iraq.
Now it is being used as a stepped up version of Agenda 21.
They have found that not only can microwave lasers destroy they can also create.
Images can be produced given the right medium.
A sheet of metal in which a pattern is cut out is placed in front of the laser.
A corresponding pattern then will be produced on the surface beneath it.
Instant crop circle!!!
Crop circles are created by low flying aircraft.
Since the lasers are plasma beams operating by electrical principles the best place to produce them is at the electromagnetic chalk aquifer of Southern England.
The frequency output by the laser would be at a low level.
A couple examples of the absurdity of believing aliens are behind the making of crop circles are:
The coded message crop circle.
And the alien head crop circle.
The coded message crop circle was made near a small village in Hampshire County in Southern England called Chilbolton.
It was supposedly a response by aliens to a satellite with a coded message sent out by SETI.
SETI is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence which was supposedly spearheaded by the famous astronomer Carl Sagan.
But satellites along with aliens are fiction.
Aliens are said to have interpreted the coded message and responded with the crop circle written in the same code.
The alien head crop circle was right on the Southern England Coast also in Hampshire County.
It is an actual crop circle of an alien head.
As if aliens sent us a pictogram of themselves.
The alien should have at least smiled.
Why are crop circles being made?
The same reason that the Mowing Devil and the Witches Rings were created.
To instill the belief that supernatural or extraterrestrial beings are real.
In the near future advantage will be taken of this erroneous belief that aliens exist.
And people will believe that aliens have landed.
The creation of fear and the masses paying the privileged to protect them will continue.