The mysteries in the sky deepen
A streak of bright lights race over Phoenix
And balls of fire speed above California

Florida and New York City has been blasted with chemtrails
NASA says it is launching rockets
And CERN says it is sending up powerful laser beams

The mother of dragon comets
An explosive green one with horns and a spiral of light
Is supposed to appear exactly timed with the eclipse on April 8

4 8 2024 are all derivatives of 4
Which denotes the opening of portals

Oumuamua the supposedly cigar shaped asteroid
That is being presented as an alien craft
Is being touted to make an appearance at the same time

Predictive programming movies such as The Day of the Comet
Has people turn into zombies from the close approach of this visitor from afar

In the movie Love and Monsters
A nuclear device is launched at an asteroid to prevent it from colliding with the earth
The fallout causes bugs to mutate into monsters

Predictions of an EMP or solar flare
Say that it will bring down the power grid
And usher in 3 days of darkness

The path of the eclipse is supposed to be superhot with tornadoes
And the polar vortex has reversed its spin

One thing is for certain
The elite know something that they are not telling us
And are trying to hide it

We are under the spell of a Satanic cult
That engages in mind control

It is a hidden government which uses technology and propaganda to generate fear
And keep us in a false reality!