The Inca Road is over 25000 miles
Making it 7000 miles longer than the Great Wall of China

It goes through Peru Chile and beyond
And links all the grand old areas of the former age

Very steep roads with polygonal masonry
Are hewn horizontally into extremely high vertical rock faces

Tunnels are carved right through sheer cliffs
Incredible swing bridges like the one on the way to Machu Pichu
Sway back and forth over deep vast canyons
Just like in an Indiana Jones movie

The Inca Road goes through Sacsayhuaman with its extraordinary gigantic stones of varying sizes
That fit perfectly together

It passes through Ollantaytambo
With its huge staircase built exclusively for very tall giants

And connects with Calap with its over 500 circular structures
That have been decimated

The library at the Prague Castle in Czechoslovakia
Has books over 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide
Also only fitting for a giant

The Hindu Temple Hoysaleswara in India
Has evidence of advanced machinery in its grooved massive pillars

The lintels over the doorways are carved with amazing perfection
They show reliefs of people and animals in remarkable detail

Vishnu and her consort Lakshmi are costumed with intricate necklaces and ornaments
The Vishnu statue is over 7 feet tall
And is holding a polished broom

She has one inch hollow skulls adorning her
How can one cut out spheres of soapstone which is similar in hardness to marble

There are also large polished monolithic bulls
Which are considered the most beautiful of anywhere in the world

Temples were advanced ancient technology
They were electrical generators conductors and capacitors

The Ram Sata bridge connected India to Sri Lanka
In the 1600s it was still walkable but now is mostly underwater

The Iron Pillar of Delhi is 24 feet high and does not rust
That is because it is almost 100 percent iron and maybe one percent phosphorous
It was an electrical transmitter

The Terra Cotta warriors at Lintang in the Shaanxi province of China were real people
The horses were real horses

Each has their own individual expression and unique facial features
They were zapped with high electric energy and mineralized!