The magic Babylonian money system
Made everyone subservient to those who controlled the money

It then took over religion
And produced a counterfeit doctrine

The movement was decked with outward adorning
The harlot of Babylon was adorned in purple and decked with gold
With precious stones and pearls

It then spread and became the state sponsored religion of Sol Invictus
Which means the Unconquered Sun and refers to Saturn

Who sat upon the Mount of Congregation in the North
Which is the aggregation of planets at the north polar column or celestial mountain

The Temple of Saturn on top of the Mount of Congregation
Has been switched to the Temple in Jerusalem
Called the Temple Mount

The Church is now part of the system that blinds our eyes from the truth
And keeps the population in a mental prison

Like the government it exercises authority by deception
And is under the Invisible Church
Who takes orders from the Rothschild Tribunal
Which is subconsciously conditioning minds to accept Lucifer as the true God

Lucifer was the alter ego of Mars the Son of the god Saturn

Mars and Venus sat upon Mt Parnassus
Their discharging streamers were the Glory of Heaven

When in front of Saturn
Venus was the Eye of Horus and Mars was the Pupil of the Eye

Venus statues were made in the previous epoch and are everywhere
They are on top of many government buildings
The most famous one is the Statue of Liberty

The pearly white Gates of Heaven
Were the same thing as the shining horns of the Bull of Heaven
It was also the Ship of Brightness

Kabballah is the electrical connection between luminaries centered on the world Mountain or Tree of Life
The orbs were depicted as angels
The brightest inner orbs were the Archangels

The New World Order will come about when the Antichrist comes to power
And speaks great words

He will be young and good looking with superhuman powers
But will be a reptilian in an advanced android body

The False Prophet who is most likely Trump
Will give life to the Image of the Beast

Trump is being intentionally popularized
While Biden is being made to look bad

Trump will cause most everyone to accept the Beast System
Which the Antichrist is the figurehead

The magic Babylonian money system
Will become a cryptocurrency

That will allow for strict control
And demand utmost obedience!