We are individual notes in the grand symphony of existence
And we all contribute our unique vibration to the cosmic orchestra

The universe is our loyal ally
And we are a conscious witness to that truth
As we travel on our eternal journey

Nothing external can truly affect us
We are not at the mercy of other peoples opinions

Memories become embedded within our biofield and surface in our subconscious
They permeate our mind and affect our bodys chemistry and physiology

Memories become a part of our vital essence and influence the way we think and feel
They cause repetitive behavioral patterns and compulsive reactions

They keep us trapped in undesirable cycles
And greatly impact how we experience life

Recognize the power of conditioning
Put yourself in a safe environment and quiet the mind
Leave behind the layers of negativity and emerge renewed

By harnessing the compassion and love within us we become agents of change
We begin to attract experiences that are truly aligned with our authenticity and well being
We become a magnet drawing people and circumstances that nurture and uplift us

Allow yourself to be authentic in all aspects of your existence
Open up to your most challenging emotions

Honor your emotions by fully feeling them
It is then necessary for your well being to release them

By treating your own essence with reverence
And recognizing your self worth
You touch those around you with your elevated vibration

And you tune into the energy of the universe!