Selenite is rod shaped crystals that contain code frequencies
Which influence our collective soul

They are programmable and can be used to direct scalar wave transmissions
That cause people to choose certain timelines for their experience

There is the Giant Crystal Cave in Naica Mexico
And the Fortress of Solitude in the Artic
Shown in Superman comic books and movies

In the movie Above Suspicion
Christopher Reeves plays a quadriplegic

A week after its completion he becomes a quadriplegic
And it is blamed on a horse riding accident

Christopher Reeves was always an outspoken proponent of cloning
After the Man of Steel became paralyzed his opinion changed

It is obvious that his cloning was a failure
And was the reason for his condition

Clones are on one interconnected wavelength
The elite want all humans to join the clones

And be connected to the 5G neural network hive mind
Kryptonite compromised spiritual landscape!