In the movie The Matrix
If a persons mink gets plugged into the hive mind
Which is a virtual network of modulated brain signals
Anything can be done to their soul
And they literally lose their individual mind

A brain can also be duplicated
And put into this parallel artificial neural network

Being a program it can be fast forwarded
And a persons thoughts can be created ahead of time

Thus a person will be lost in an artificial world of synoptic weighted matrices
That self organize by copying biological neural networks

The earths polarity is being changed from positive to negative
At 450 hertz human mental functions can be controlled

The hive mind is a collection of minds where virtual neurons are grown
And everyone will share a common set of brain waves

People are being pulled into this now without realizing it

In the Matrix movie Agent Smith becomes a virus
And clones himself into everyone he touches

The AI supercomputer can simulate copies of anyone

The hive mind is a mind virus
And is the goal of the reptilian game

People get sucked into it by playing Jumanji

They get presented with a situation to resolve
They choose a resolution and get rewarded
They start to enjoy it

But are kept getting put in situations that need to be figured out
And ultimately are given a negative reward

They are put on a bus with a huge snake going down the middle isle
That has a probiscis on its head

They need to get off the bus!